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TASK 7. Use the nouns given in brackets in their plural form.


As we sailed up the River Hudson towards the (city) of New York and Brooklyn, we experienced a sensation which is, I think, common to all travellers who come to an end of their voyage. Many (people) have tried to analyze this emotion, and I have read many such (analysis), but none ever have really satisfied me. The buildings stood out against the skyline like enormous (box) of (match) stuck on end. The houses and (church) were completely dwarfed by them. As we went up the river we examined them all with our (glass). It seemed as if each building brushed the (sky). There were a lot of ships in the river mouth. They were bringing (cargo) from all over the world: (cargo) of meat and (potato) and (mango), of (machine) and (toy) and many other things. They carried (silk) from China and (tea) from India as well. They flew the (colour) of almost every seafaring nation on the globe.

(Army) of (customs-official), (port-authority) and (other) came on board. The passengers were paraded before the port doctor. He was a huge fat man. The first class passengers filed before him as solemn as (ox). Most of the third class passengers stood waiting their turn as quiet as (mouse), though some were as noisy as a flock of (goose). They carried their (saving) in knotted (handkerchief) and the rest of their (belonging) in bundles. Many seemed to have completely lost their bearings and seemed as bewildered as (sheep), while their (wife) and (child) stared around like startled (deer).

There seemed to be varying (criterion) for the treatment of passengers by the immigration (authority), according to the class in which they travelled. Those in the third were examined for (louse), regardless of their feelings.

We landed with every manifestation of high (spirit). The (hanger-on) stared at us as though we were curious (phenomenon).

TASK 8. Fill in the gaps with is, are, do, does, has or have. Give two forms where possible. Explain your choice.


1. The government ______ bringing in a new bill.

2. All governments ______ trying to control crime.

3. The military ______ occupied the house.

4. The company ______ going to employ six staff.

5. The police ______ interested in this case.

6. The public ______ concerned about it.

7. The jury ______ trying to decide now.

8. How many people ______ coming tonight?

9. A lot of people ______ signed the petition.

10. The youth of today ______ many advantages.

11. The committee ______ meeting now.

12. There ______ vermin in this restaurant.

13. The acoustics in this room ______ very good.

14. Acoustics ______ a subject I know little about.

15. The statistics in this report ______ inaccurate.

16. Statistics ______ a compulsory course in this college.

17. ______ there any statistics for road accidents?

18. This crossroads ______ dangerous.

19. There ______ crossroads every mile.

20. There ______ four crossroads in our village.

21. Many species of moths ______ disappeared.

22. This species ______ green and white spots.

23. Our company headquarters ______ in London.

24. Our works ______ a good canteen.

25. There ______ many series of books on birds.

26. My maths ______ getting worse and worse!

27. ______ there any kennels in this area?

28. The goods you ordered ______ arrived.

29. Where ____ the scissors? – ______ are in the first drawer on the left.

30. How much ______ a good pair of trousers cost these days?

31. If your clothes ______ dirty, please put them in the laundry basket.

32. All their belongings ______ been destroyed in a fire.

33. My earnings ______ not high, but at least I have enough money to pay my rent.


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