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Point out the subject and say by what it is expressed. Translate.

1. At that moment the postman, looking like a German army officer, came in with the mail. (Mansfield) 2. The clock struck eight. There was no sign of any of the other guests. (Huxley) 3. Now, there is something peculiarly intimate in sharing an um­brella. (Mansfield) 4. Together we walked through the mud and slush. (Mansfield) 5. Something impersonal and humble in that action seemed to reassure the Consul. (Cronin) 6. The sight of them, so intent and so quick, gave Bertha a curious shiver. (Mansflied) 7. Eight o'clock in the morning. Miss Ada Moss lay in a black iron bedstead, staring up at the ceiling. (Mansfield) 8. Still, the good of mankind was worth working for. (Galsworthy) 9. Some­times the past injects itself into the present with a peculiar force. (Heym) 10. Forgetting some things is a difficult matter. (Voynich) 11. To cross from one end to the other was difficult because of the water. (Heym) 12. "A Person doesn't have to be rich to be clean," Charles said. (Braine) 13. There was an eagerness and excitement in the faces of the men. (Heym) 14. ...and Timothy's was but one of hundreds of such homes in this City of London... (Galsworthy) 15. Let's get out quick. It's no good wast­ing time. (Maugham) 16. "Very well," said Soames, "then we know where we are." (Galsworthy) 17. Now, to go through a stormy night and with wet clothes, and, in addition, to be ill nourished and not to have tasted meat for a week or a month, is about as severe a hardship as a man can undergo. (London) 18. She did not know. The "No" was stronger than her craving to be in Frisco's arms and forget this dreary existence. (Prichard) 19. The mining industry might make wealth and power for a few men and women. But the many would always be smashed and battered beneath its giant treads. (Prichard) 20. Yes, that did sound rather far-fetched and absurd. (Mansfield) 21. This, of course, in her present mood, was so incredibly beautiful... She began to laugh. (Mansfield) 22. To live on good terms with people one must share their work and interests. (Prichard) 23. These three deemed themselves the queens of the school. (Ch. Bronte) 24. Who were these people? What are they? (Galsworthy) 25. His was the harsh world of reality. No one could walk around his drawing. (Stone) 26. Governing the district of Cremmen wasn't turning out to be an easy and pleasant job. (Heym) 27. The firing increased" in volume. (Heym) 28. High and low all made fun of him. (Thackeray) 29. For a woman to look at her best is a point of discipline. (James) 30. Your coming home has made me as foolish as a young girl of nineteen. (Abrahams)

3. State the nature of it. Translate.

1. It was dusky in the dining-room and quite chilly. (Mans­field) 2. The bell rang. It was lean, pale Eddie Warren in a state of acute, distress. (Mansfield) 3. Oh! Oh! Oh! It was a little house. It was a little pink house. (Mansfield) 4. But in her bosom there was still that bright glowing place. It was almost unbearable. (Mansfield) 5. She sat up, but she felt quite dizzy, quite drunk. It must have been the spring. (Mansfield) 6. It was marvelous to be made love to like that. (Prichard) 7. It is the moon that makes you talk to yourself in that silly way. (Shaw) 8. It is very distressing to me, Sir, to give this information. (Dickens) 9. He took the path through the fields: it was pleasanter than the road. (Huxley) 10. If this is liberty, it isn't going to mean a thing. (Heym) 11. It was now almost four-thirty in the afternoon. (Dreiser) 12. I took a good room. It was very big and light and looked out on the lake. (Hemingway)

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