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Q. If my country does not have a quota for the 2016 KGSP undergraduate program, can I still apply for the program?

No, you cannot. Only those who hold a citizenship of the listed countries are eligible for the program.


Q. I have studied in Korea as an exchange student. Am I eligible for application to this program?

No, you are NOT ELIGIBLE for application to this program. According to the Guideline No. 5-(7), Applicants must not have enrolled in an undergraduate course in Korea before. NOT Eligible: those who have ever enrolled at a Korean university as a regular or an exchange student (including exchange program). Therefore, person who HAS HAD ANY D-2 related visa to study in Korea or graduated from a Korea university CANNOT apply.


Q. I have obtained a bachelor’s degree in my country. May I apply for the program?

Under the current policy, it is not allowed. Until 2011 KGSP Undergraduate program, those who had a bachelor’s degree could apply for the program. But we changed the policy, where those who have yet to achieve a bachelor’s degree, but aspire to pursue it in Korea has priority in application for the program.


Q. I am going to graduate from a high school in LATE March 2016. May I apply for the 2016 program?

No, you may not. Only those who are expected to graduate from a high school before March, 1st, 2016 are eligible for the program. You may apply for the 2017 program.


Q. May I apply for the program through the NIIED directly?

No, you may not. APPLICATIONS SHOULD BE MADE TROUGH KOREAN EMBASSY(Bhutan: Bangladesh) in the country of origin, 1st SELECTION ORGANIZATIONS (see Appendix 1).


Q. When is the deadline for application? And where can I submit my applications?

The application deadline and the other things related to 1st selection will be DECIDED BY the 1st selection organizations. Therefore, you MUST ASK the above RESPECTIVE AUTHORITY DIRECTLY regarding its specific application deadline and required documents, 1st selection procedures, etc.

For information, the Korean Embassy will recommend qualified candidates to NIIED BY NOVEMBER, 2015. Therefore, the application deadline should fall BEFORE this date; in SEPTEMBER or OCTOBER.


Q. I am Malaysian but I am attending a high school in the U.K. May I apply for the program through the Korean Embassy in the U.K.?

Our answer is “No.” You should apply for the program through the Korean Embassy in Malaysia. The Korean diplomatic missions of the countries where scholarships are not available are not empowered for selection of the candidates of the program.


Application Documents

Q. Should I submit the certificate of language proficiency (English or Korean) when I apply for the KGSP?

It is NOT MANDATORY. It is optional. That is to say, you can apply for the KGSP whether you have it or not, but you may be preferred in the selection procedures if you submit it.

Q. As for recommendation letters, may I submit two letters written by one recommender?

No, you may not. The recommendation letters should be written by two different recommenders such as your present or previous high school teacher, principal, or chair professor of your department.


Q. If my documents are not written in English or in Korean, how should I submit them?

KGSP requires that all documents must be translated into Korean or English, and then be authenticated by the issuing institution or by a notary's office. If your country has joined the apostille system, your documents can also be notarized.


Q. According to the Guidelines, I have to submit one original application document package and three photocopied documents. How can I photocopy recommendation letters? They are already sealed by the recommenders.

As for recommendation letters, as recommendation letters should be sealed to secure validity, we ask recommenders to make 3 photocopies of the original letter and then to put them into an envelope altogether with the original letter before they are sealed. Just remind the recommenders so that they may follow such instructions before they make recommendations.


Likewise, as for the documents such as a graduation certificate or a grade transcript, you must submit one original copy and three photocopies, which must be certified to be the same as the original copy by the issuing schools, 1st Selection Organizations, or notary's offices.


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