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Part One (continued)










You need


This question paper An answer sheet


A Pencil



You may NOT use a dictionary



Do NOT open this paper until you are told to do so.


Try to answer ALL the questions.





Read each question carefully


Select the correct answer and then mark your selection on your answer sheet Only mark one answer for each question



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Part One


Read the text and then select the best heading (A, B, C or D) for each paragraph from the options given on the following page. Mark your answers on your answer sheet.




  1. B

When you change money, ask for some small notes or loose change. Petty cash will be handy for tipping and public transportation. Consider keeping the change separate from your larger notes, so it’s readily accessible and you’ll be less of a target for theft. Try to spend your coins before you go home as many banks will only exchange notes.


  1. D


Check your existing insurance policies and credit card cover before you buy travel insurance. You may already be covered for lost luggage, cancelled tickets or medical expenses. The price of travel insurance varies widely, depending on the length of your trip, your age, health and the type of trip you are taking.


  1. C

Rather than book a flight through a travel agency, many people nowadays save money by booking online. It’s a good idea to check out airline websites. By booking directly through the airline you can avoid a travel agency’s transaction fee. Great last-minute deals are available through free weekly email services provided directly by the airlines.


  1. C


Travellers these days have many ways to check email and access the Internet on the road. Of course, using your own laptop gives the most flexibility but other options, such as cybercafés or hotel business centres, are widely available. You can also access the Internet in some tourist information centres, though their fees are usually higher than those in cybercafés.


  1. A

Tie a colourful ribbon or a strip of fabric around your luggage handle, or put a distinctive sticker on the side of your bag. This makes it less likely that someone will take your luggage by mistake. Also if your bag gets lost, it will be easier to find. One major airport in the UK currently has a lost bag ratio of 16 bags per 1000 customers.


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Part One (continued)



1. AExchange Rates

BSmall Change

CBus Fare

DLocal Banks

2. ACredit Cards

BLost Luggage

CMedical Expenses

DTravel insurance

3. ATravel Agencies

BExpensive Airlines

CCheaper Flights

DEmail Services

4. AHow it used to be

BTourist Information Centres

CThe 21stcentury Traveller

DHigher Fees

5. ADistinctive Luggage

BTravelling Light

CMistaken Identity

DExcess Baggage


(5 marks)


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Part Two


Read ‘Travel Tips’ again and select True (A), False (B) or Not Mentioned in Text


(C). Mark your answers on your answer sheet.


6.You are advised to keep notes and coins in the same place.


A = True B = False C = Not mentioned in text


7.Most banks will exchange coins.


A = True B = False C = Not mentioned in text


8.You should buy your travel insurance when you book your flight.


A = True B = False C = Not mentioned in text


9.Your age affects the cost of your travel insurance.


  A = True B = False C = Not mentioned in text
10. Travel Agencies don’t always offer the best deals.
  A = True B = False C = Not mentioned in text
11. Travel Agencies also provide free weekly e-mail services.
  A = True B = False C = Not mentioned in text
12. Many hotels provide Internet access nowadays.
  A = True B = False C = Not mentioned in text
13. Internet fees in cybercafés are usually more expensive than those in hotels.
  A = True B = False C = Not mentioned in text
14. You are advised to put a colourful sticker on the handle of your suitcase.
  A = True B = False C = Not mentioned in text


15.A major airport in the UK has the worst lost luggage record.


A = True B = False C = Not mentioned in text


(10 marks)



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Part Three


Pick the word closest in meaning to these words from ‘TRAVEL TIPS’. Mark your answers (A, B, C or D) on your answer sheet.



16.handy Auseless







17.varies Adiffers







18.provided Asupplied






19.options Aideas






20.currently Apresently






(5 marks)


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Part Four


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