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Exercise 1. Insert lhc appropriate form of the gerund.

1. Stark sat down without speaking (to speak) (Jones) 2. He did not go without being congratulated by Amy. (to congratulate) (Dickens) 3. After shaving more closely than usual and brushing his hair, he [Herzog] took the bus uptown, (to shave, to brush) (Bellow) 4. At South Square, on discovering that Michael and Fleur were out, he -did not dress for dinner, but went to the nursery, (to discover) (Galsworthy) 5. I had to sound as if I didn't mind being insulted, as though I had no temper of my own. (to insult) (Snow) 6. She kept on talking, her voice low and controlled, (to talk) (Braine) 7. In the morning light, she was, ashamed of herself for being so elated the night before, (to elate) (Snow) 8. The house wanted doing up (to do up) (Galsworthy) 9. Even a criminal must be told the nature of his crime before being convicted (to convict) (Stone) 10. She showed none of the usual feminine pleasure at being hard to understand, inscrutable, mysterious, (to be) (Priestley) 11. I still reproached myself for not being open with Douglas Osbaldiston from the start, when he had invited me to do so. (to be) (Snow) 12. No woman looks her best after sitting up all night, (to sit) (Shaw) 13. His legs were somewhat stiff from not hiking or climbing for days, (to hike, to climb) (Baum) 14. I'm tired of being treated like a silly fat lamb, (to treat) (Coppard) 15. I know everyone who's worth knowing (to know) (Maugham) 16. After saying this, he; cursed himself for not having said the opposite, so that he might have used the expected guest as a lever to get rid of Misha. (to say, to say) (Murdoch) 17. There is vivid happiness in merely being alive, (to be) (Coppard) 18. "Your tie needs straightening," Mrs. Simpson said, (to straighten) (Greene) 19. The attempt is at least worth making (to make) (Collins) 20. Mr. Creakle then caned Tommy Traddles for discovering in tears, instead of cheers, on account of Mr. Mell's departure... (to discover) (Dickens) 21. He apologized to Hooker for [being down(if simultaneous)/having been down(if prior)] so late, (to be down) (Priestley) 22. One could not walk or drive about Philadelphia without seeing and being impressed with the general tendency toward a more cultivated and selective social life, (to see, to impress) (Dreiser) 23. I just couldn't stand being away from you any longer, (to be) (Stone) 24. I remember seeing him with her and Marner going away from church, (to see) (Eliot) 25. When I told him that I meant to live in Paris for a while, and had taken an apartment, he reproached me bitterly for not letting him know, (to let) (Maugham) 26. He had a flat smooth face with heavy-lidded green eyes that gave the impression of being set at a slant, (to set) (Braine) 27. His latest craze was to discover her age, which he cursed himself for not observing when he had«her passport in his hands, (to observe) (Murdoch) 28. Let me tell you whose house you've come into without being asked or wanted (to ask, to want) (Faulkner) 29. I'm tired of talking to you. (to talk) (Maugham) 30. They soon discovered that the gate was securely locked. They looked at one another in a mixed fashion, a trifle disappointed at being held, but still triumphant at finding the place, (to hold up, to find) (Priestley)

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