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I received another letter from my daughter, Rose, today in which she tells us all about her first impressions of living and studying in Britain. The first thing she _____________________ in the letter is that she _____________________ settling down quite nicely. After the first day she had complained that the weather _____________________cold and the people _____________________ unfriendly. Indeed, she wondered why _____________________ always seemed to be dark and _____________________ the British ever saw the sunshine. In _____________________ letter she says she ________________ enjoying studying drama at the university but still finds the social life a bit boring. I _____________________ her before she left not to expect life to be as exciting as _____________________ is here. I explained _____________________most pubs close at about eleven and _____________________ go home, usually a bit drunk. Rosie had told _____________________ in her first letter that she _____________________ made friends with someone from Spain. We ________________ pleased to hear that and in fact I had advised her to make as many friends as she _____________________ because I believed it _____________________ the best way of not feeling lonely and overcoming culture shock.

5) Complete the second sentence so that it has a similar meaning to the first sentence using the word given. Do not change the word given. You must use between two and five words, including the word given.


1) John had an argument with his neighbour last week.

of John had an argument with a ________________________________________ last week.


2) That house belongs to Brandon and Jess.

is That ___________________________________________ house.


3) In the school where I study, Mr Jonson is the principal.

ofMr Jonson is ___________________________________________ where I study.


4) It takes ten minutes to walk to the post office.

is It ___________________________________________ to the post office.


5) In the UK the queen presides over the opening of Parliament.

of The _________________________________________ over the opening of Parliament.


6) Ths shos blong to Sam.

are hs ___________________________________________ shos.


7) This jumper used to belong to my mother.

was This ___________________________________________ jumper.


8) Richard is my mothers brother.

areRichard and ___________________________________________ and sister.


9) This was my mother-in-laws ring.

to This ring ___________________________________________ mother-in-law.


10) She told me, You must leave early tomorrow.'

had She told me ___________________________________________the next day.


11) We'll be travelling in France next month, said Dave.

following Dave said that ____________________________________be travelling in France.


12) I wonder if you know what they did last night.

doWhat ___________________________________________last night?


13) When are they going to get married?

plan When ___________________________________________married?


14) We'll get home and then we'll have something to eat.

got We'll have something to eat _________________________________________home.


15) I'll finish marking the exams and then I'll tell you your results. (soon)

soonI'll tell you your results ____________________________________marking the exams.


16) When you visit us, we'll have moved into our new house.

by We'll have moved into our new house ________________________________________us.


17) I'll send out all the invitations before lunchtime.

have By lunchtime, ___________________________________________all the invitations.


18) My science exam starts at ten tomorrow morning.

taking At ten past ten tomorrow ___________________________________my science exam.


19) Next Saturday is Harry and Julias twentieth wedding anniversary. (been)

beenBy next Saturday Harry and Julia _______________________________for twenty years.


20) Charles isn't going to write his essay tonight.

planCharles ___________________________________________his essay tonight.


21) Next Saturday is Harry and Julias twentieth wedding anniversary.

been By next Saturday Harry and Julia ________________________________for twenty years.


22) I've got an appointment with my dentist tomorrow morning.

to I ___________________________________________dentist tomorrow morning.



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