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Complete the sentences with any appropriate tense of the verb in brackets.

Grammar revision

Dear Anna,

I (get) ____________ your long email about two weeks ago and (try) ____________ to find time to write you back ever since. I (be) _________________ very busy lately. In the past two weeks, I (have) ________________ four tests, and I have another one next week. In addition, a friend (stay)_______________ with me since last Thursday. She wanted to see the city, so we (spend) _____________ a lot of time visiting some of the interesting places here. We (be)_______________ to the zoo, the art museum, and the botanical gardens.

Yesterday we (go) ______________ to the park and (watch)_______________ a balloon race. Between showing her in the city and studying for my exams, I (have, barely) ________________ enough time to breathe.

Right now it (be) ______________ 3:00 am, and I (sit) ______________ at my desk. I (sit) _______________ here for five hours doing my studying. My friend’s plane (leave) ________________ in a few hours, so I (decide)____________ not to go to bed. That’s why I (write)_____________ to you at such an early hour in the day. I (get)_______________ a little sleepy, but I would rather stay up. I (take) ______________ a nap after I (get) ______________ back from taking her to the airport.

How (you, get) _________________________ along? How (your class, go) ______________________? Please write soon.



2) Complete the conversation by putting the verbs in the correct tenses.


Meeting up

Ruth was sitting at her desk trying to sort the problem out when the phone rang. She answered it nervously, expecting more trouble.

‘Hi, it’s Pete’, a friendly voice said. She was relieved. ‘Listen, ______________________ (you do) anything tonight?’ he asked.

‘Yeah’ she said, trying to focus on her social life, ‘I _____________________________ (meet) some friends in a bar after work’.

‘Well, what about one evening next week? We haven’t seen each other for weeks’, said Pete.

She reached for her diary. ‘Hang on a minute. I __________________________ (look) in my diary.’ She turned some pages, had a quick look and then said, ‘Well, I _________________________ (not be able to) see you on Monday because I’ve got a meeting that always _________________________ (go on) until quite late’.

‘Well, what about after the meeting? Say, around 8.30?’

‘I’m afraid not,’ said Ruth. ‘At 8.30 I _______________________________ (sit) in traffic on my way home from the meeting. It’s out of town and it usually _____________________________ (not end) until after 8.’

‘OK, what about Tuesday?’

‘Well, you _________________________ (not believe) this, but I’ve taken up fitness training and the classes are on Tuesday evenings. You see, I’ve decided that I __________________________ (start) getting fit.

‘Good for you,’ said Pete. ‘So, is Wednesday any good?’

‘Let me see’, she said, looking at her diary again. ‘Well, I _______________________ (see) a client from 2 till 5 but I _______________________ (not do) anything after that. __________________________ (we fix up) something for Wednesday, then?’

‘At last!’ said Pete, laughing.’ __________________________ (we meet) in The Shangri-La at 7?’

‘Fine’ said Ruth. ‘I ____________________________ (see) you there.’

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