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Put the conversation into indirect speech.



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Reported speech

Turn the sentences into reported speech.

1 "I am doing a crossword now", he said.

2 "We may go on a picnic next weekend", they said.

3 "I will start the job on Monday," Conrad said.

4 "I can repair your car tomorrow," the mechanic said.

5 "It is snowing here," she said.

6 "If you mix red with yellow, you get orange," the art teacher said.

7 “Do you enjoy being famous?” Simon asked him.

8 “Have you met many famous people?” Simon asked him

9 “What is your favourite film?” Simon asked him

10. “How many films have you starred in?” Simon asked him

1. He said (that) he was doing a crossword at that time/then.

They said (that) they might go on a picnic the following weekend.

Conrad said (that) he would start the job on Monday.

4. The mechanic said (that) he could repair my car the next day/the following day.

She said (that) it was snowing there.

The art teacher said (that) if you mix red with yellow you get orange.

7. Simon asked him if/whether he enjoyed being famous.

8. Simon asked him if/whether he had met many famous people.

Simon asked him what his favourite film was.

Simon asked him how many films he had starred in.


Put the conversation into indirect speech.

Jaime: I heard you're going on an interview next week. What kind of job is it?

Claire: It's for a job as an office assistant.

Jaime: Oh, really? When is the interview?

Claires It's on Tuesday at 9:00.

Jaime: Where's the company?

Claire: It's downtown on the west side.

Jaime: Do you need directions?

Claire: No, I know the way.

Jaime: How long does it take to get there?

Claire: About half an hour.

Jaime: Who's going to interview you?

Claire: I'm not sure. Probably the manager of the department.

Jaime: When will they let you know?

Claire: It will take a while. They have a lot of candidates.

He said that he heard she is/was going on an interview next week /the following week / the week after and he asked what kind of job it is /was.

She answered that it is/was for a job as an office assistant.

He asked her when the interview is /was.

She said that it is /was on Tuesday at 9:00.

He asked her where the company is / was.

She answered that it is/was downtown on the west side.

He asked her if she needs / needed directions.

She said that she knows / knew the way.

He asked her how long it takes / took to get there.

She said that it takes / took about half an hour.

He asked her who is / was going to interview her.

She answered that she is / was not sure and she thinks / thought that it will be / would be the manager of the department.

He asked her when they will / would let her know.

She said that it will / would take a while and she explained that they have / had a lot of candidates.


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