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Information Security

1. Trust no software but enforce a security policy with trustworthy mechanisms.

2. Although some online exposures of personal information have been seen as justified as exposing malfeasance, many commentators on the Fortuny case saw no such justification here.

3. "The men who replied to Fortuny's posting did not appear to be doing anything illegal, so the outing has no social value other than to prove that someone could ruin lives online", said law professor Jonathan Zittrain

4. Although the desirable software itself may do no harm, the bundled spyware does.

5. While they do not rely on updated definitions, which may allow them to spot newer spyware, they can offer no guidance.

6. They watch certain configuration parameters (such as certain portions of the Windows registry or browser configuration) and report any change to the user, with no judgment or recommendation.

7. A new breed of spyware is starting to hide inside system-critical processes and start up even in safe mode. With no process to terminate they are harder to detect and remove.

8. In such a system, there is no need for entities to be discarded and their capabilities be invalidated.

9. There is no need to trust them to reproduce only legal capabilities, nor to validate requests for access using an access control mechanism.

10. It also implies that one party of a transaction can not deny having received a transaction norcan the other party deny having sent a transaction.

11. The strength of any system is no greater than its weakest link.

12. A benign virus is one thats designed to do no real damage to your computer.

13. The strength of any system is nogreater than its weakest link.

14. The access privileges required by their new duties are frequently added onto their already existing access privileges which may no longer be necessary or appropriate.



1. No population center in America, even the smallest one, is conceivable without a bank building.

2. It is generally accepted that there is no uniform small firm sector designated by some simple size criteria.

3. There are no clear-cut guidelines on how much or how little financial performance is adequate or on how to trade off performance on the financial good in favor of another.

4. No American ever runs for office because of an avowed desire to govern.

5. There is no public secondary market in OTC (over the counter) currency options but trading is conducted by telephone using prices available on screen systems provided by large international (commercial and investment) banks.

6. An ad: We leave nothing to chance. Nodetail is too small for our attention.

7. Reading articles on economics without thinking is worse than noreading at all.

8. When people think of a store, they have no trouble portraying it in the same terms they might use in describing a person.

9. Some classic products have been able to hang in there with little or no marketing support, as the Pilot Stapler which has been on the market for 70 years.

10. When rooms go unoccupied at a ski resort there is no way to make up for the lost opportunity to exchange a product for money.

11. Because services are variable, it is hard to predict consistency of quality, and there is little or noopportunity for comparison shopping.

12. No amount of persuasion will in the long run make people purchase something that they do not want.

13. It is an ill bargain, where no man wins (Proverb).

14. Emancipation was entirely womens initiative, for no one can say that the men dragged them out of their homes, any more then it could be said that women were dragged to the polls (a poll- ).

15. He was under no necessity to work for his living.

16. There are no arbitrary limits on the form a payment can take and thus in complex transactions between businesses, payments may take the form of stock or other more complicated arrangements.



1. No attempt was made to entertain the visitors.

2. There is no hard and fast rule differentiating motels from other hotels, although the word motel suggests that it is aimed at motorists.

3. The sole purpose of wholesalers is to sell ethnic niches in the travel industry. There is no consolidator that offers everything.

4. There was no one travel agency all around.



1. Reading book is no way to acquire information unless you happen to possess photographic memory.

2. Some details would never be able to be recovered by hypnosis, or any other special techniques, because these details are simply no longer there.

3. There is no simple definition of mental disorder that is universally satisfactory.

4. It is not logical to be afraid of many things when there is no danger, but a phobia is not logical.

5. A diffuse or persistent anxiety associated with no particular cause or mental concern is called general, or free- floating, anxiety

6. There is a theory that shy people never learned how to act with other people because no one ever taught them social skills.

7. Once a person sees himself as ugly, he sees himself as ugly no matter how attractive he may become.

8. A man who spends most of his time at work might feel ashamed that he has no time for his family.

9. By pointing to the eye, the gesturers doing nomore than stress the symbolic importance of the eye as a seeing organ.

10. Someone will have difficulty in speaking spontaneously, and will avoid impromptu situations, where there is no time to give a considered answer.

11. There is nodoubt that chocolate, with its unique physical and psychological effects and its unmatched flavor, is one of the worlds favorite foods.

12. If someone continually sleeps longer than normal for noapparent reason, there may be something physically or psychologically wrong.

13. A symbolic gesture indicates an abstract quality that has no simple equivalent in the world of objects and movements.

14. No quality will get man more friends than a disposition to admire the qualities of others.

15. Pierre Flourens, a French experimental psychologist, was one of many scientists that challenged the views of the phrenologists. Through his study of living rabbits and pigeons, he discovered that lesions to particular areas of the brain produced no discernible change in behavior.



1. Nodistrict court will handle a case unless there is federal jurisdiction that is, express authority for the federal courts to decide a case.

2. In many civil-law countries, the ordinary courts have no control over administrative agencies that is why their decisions are reviewed by a special tribunal that is engaged exclusively in that work and that has nothing to do with cases of the type that come into courts.

3. The courts themselves have nomachinery for enforcement.

4. There is nouniversally accepted classification of branches of law, which is the result of differences of approach among the students of law.

5. Britain has no national police force, although police policy is governed by the central Governments Home Office.

6. Public international law concerns relationships between sovereign nations. It has a special status as law because there is nointernational police force, and courts lack the capacity to penalise disobedience.

7. Some countries like the United Kingdom, have no entrenched document setting out fundamental rights; in those jurisdictions the constitution is composed of statute, case law and convention.

8. The standard treaties and conventions leave the issue of implementation to each state, i.e. there is no general rule in international law that treaties have direct effect in municipal law, but some states, by virtue of their membership of supranational bodies, allow the direct incorporation of rights or enact legislation to honor their international commitments.

9. If there is no direct effect or legislation, there are two theories to justify the courts

incorporating international into municipal law:

To consider but one example, the First Amendment to the United States Constitution states "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof" but interpretation (that is, determining the fine boundaries, and resolving the tension between the "establishment" and "free exercise" clauses) of each of the important terms was delegated by Article III of the Constitution to the judicial branch, so that the current legal boundaries of the Constitutional text can only be determined by consulting the common law.

10. There is no such tort in English common law; thus, any jurisdiction that lacks a wrongful death statute will not allow a lawsuit for the wrongful death of a loved one.

11. Since international law has no established compulsory judicial system for the settlement of disputes or a coercive penal system, it is not as straightforward as managing breaches within a domestic legal system.

Aircraft Building

1. There were still no aeroplanes or non-rigid balloons large enough to be called airships, so "airship" came to be synonymous with these great monsters.

2. The ultimate expression of this is the flying wing, where there is no central fuselage, and perhaps even no separate vertical control surface.

3. Ticket prices include a number of fees, taxes, and surcharges they have little or no control over, and these are passed through to various providers.

4. Flying wing" aircraft, such as the Northrop YB-49 Flying Wing and the Northrop B-2 Spirit bomber have noseparate fuselage; instead what would be the fuselage is a thickened portion of the wing structure.

5. Conversely there have been a small number of aircraft designs which have noseparate wing, but use the fuselage to generate lift. Examples include NASA's experimental lifting body designs and the Vought XF5U-1 Flying Flapjack.

6. The aforementioned SR-71 and Concorde aircraft are no longer flying today because of multiple problems and impracticalities associated with supersonic flight.

7. The twisted airfoil (aerofoil) shape of modern aircraft propellers was pioneered by the Wright brothers when they found that all existing knowledge on propellers (mostly naval) was determined by trial and error and that no one knew exactly how they worked.

8. Automatic props had the advantage of being simple and requiring no external control, but a particular propeller's performance was difficult to match with that of the aircraft's power plant.

9. Although ramjet engines are simpler in design as they have virtually nomoving parts, they are incapable of operating at low flight speeds.

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