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Q5 - I found it hard to get used to ____ in such a hot country.

Grammar for first-year students Part II

Used to ; get used to ; be used to

Test 1. Choose the best answer to fill the gap in each of the following. Used to vs. be used to and get used to

1.When I started to work here I needed a lot of help, but now I ________________ (do) all the work on my own.

2.He ________________ (read) several books a month but he doesn't have time any more.

3.We were surprised to see her driving - she ________________ (drive) when we first met her.

4.Don't worry, it's a simple program to use. You ________________ it in no time, I'm sure.

5.When I had to commute to work every day I _____________________ (get up) very early.

6.I'm afraid I'll never _____________________ (live) in this place. I simply don't like it and never will.

7.Whenever we came to Coventry we always _____________________ (stay) in the Central Hotel. We loved it.

8.When Pete Smith was the head of our office everything _____________________ (be) well organized. Now it's total chaos here.

9.Mr Lazy was shocked when he joined our busy company because he _____________________ doing much work every day.

10.At first the employees didn't like the new open-space office but in the end they_____________________ it.


Test 2. Do the exercises below on used to, be used to, get used to

1. He used to _____________________ (be) fat but now he's thin.

2.He isn't used to _____________________ (work) in these bad conditions.

3.How did you get used to _____________________ (work) in the middle of this mess

4.Did you _____________________ write poems when you were young?

5.I need some time to get used to _____________________ (live) in this town.

6.Sting used to _____________________ (be) a teacher before he became a famous singer.

7.I'm not used to _____________________ (wash) linen by hand.

8.She'll get used to _____________________ (live) in the extremely cold winter of Siberia.

9.My mother didn't _____________________ drink much coffee. But now she has become addicted to it

10.There used to _____________________ (be) a lot of trees in this court yard. They have all been cut down.


Test 3. Choose the correct answer.

Q1 - I'm not used to ____ up this early.

Get getting

Q2 - I used to ____ a lot.

Read reading

Q3 - You'll have to get used to ____ on the right when you live there.

Drive driving

Q4 - I didn't use to ____ it, but I do now.

Like liking

Q5 - I found it hard to get used to ____ in such a hot country.

Live living

Q6 - Where did you use to ____ when you visited?

Stay staying

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