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Thank you for downloading this book. I hope it will help

You to understand better how the English language



If you speak French and have some difficulties

Understanding this all-English version, you can find

more explanations in French and practise exercises at:










There is a big difference between

understanding the grammar of a language and

being able to speak that language well.


You don’t need to understand how a car engine

works in order to drive a car.


And you don’t need to understand grammar to

speak a language.


Knowing grammar will, however, perhaps give

you more confidence to speak, as you will be

less afraid of making mistakes.


Almost every grammar rule has an exception,

so the best way to improve your English is to

practise as much as you can.





About anglais-



www.anglais-facile.com was created to help French

speakers learn English for free. You will find explanations

of the grammar presented in this book in French as well as

lots of good advice on how to learn a foreign language.


About Jonathan Lewis


Jonathan Lewis has taught English in France for six years,

and has worked for the French ministry of education

(Education Nationale) as teacher and examiner. In his

native England, he used to train young people in sales and

business administration. He doesn’t like the traditional

grammar-based approach to language learning, but prefers

to teach communicatively, that is, by getting to students to

talk in class, while monitoring their use of language. Visit

his blog (in English) at:







Table of contents



1. I am – You are (to be)

2. I am doing (present progressive)

3. I like/do/go (present simple)

4. Have/Have got (possession)

5. I was/you were (be –simple past)

6. I did/worked/went (simple past)

7. I was doing (past progressive)

8. I have done (present perfect)

9. Is done/was done (passive voice)

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