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Forms and email conventions

Title (Mr/Ms/Mrs) Mr
Full name Jan Lorenz Novak
First name Jan Lorenz
Surname Novak
Occupation Marine technician
Designation/Job Title Team leader, Section 2
Company Fleet Engineering Co.
Company address/Work address Unit 34,Marina Docks, Ring Road, Bristol BS98 4NT
Nationality Polish
Passport number n/a
Date of birth (dd/mm//yy) 10/12/90
Qualifications Diploma in Marine Technology
Home address 14, Waiting Street, Bristol BS88 9Q1
House number
Postal code BS88 9Q1
Mailing address same
Email address Novak.jl43@fleet.co.uk
Office telephone number 01234 8856967
Mobile 07734 123 456

36.7 Find among the following words:

a) antonyms

similar, action, conductor, minus, closed circuit, reaction, possible, dissimilar, insulator, open circuit, impossible, plus;

b) synonyms

speed, through, stream, obviously, motion, across, device, movement, rate, flow, instrument, evidently.



Speak on: Everyday use of electricity

Translate the following word combinations.

Temperature scale, lightning conductor, freezing point, human body, German-speaking countries, measuring instrument, temperature difference, boiling point, atmospheric pressure, numerical data, mercury thermometer, electrical device.


7. Form as many new words as possible from the words given below:

chemical, mechanics, compress, useful, produce, possible, use.


4. Translate the following sentences, paying attention to the words in bold type:

1. All bodies eitherradiate heat orabsorb waves from other bodies.

2. Dark surfaces are eithergood radiators when hot orgood absorbers when cold.

3. Gases have neithersize norshape of their own.

4. Neitherof these devices will be required for the experiment in question.

5. Potential is neithera force, nora pressure.

6. Neither of two observed substances could be heated to a high temperature.

4. Fill in the blanks with:

And, also, but, too

2. Energy and force work together to construct forms, _______ they need space to do that.

3. Science explains that space and time form a duality _______ .

4. Newtrons decay into protons _______ protons decay into electrons and newtrinos.

5. Potential and kinetic energy are _______ a duality.

6. Duality is the origin of good _______ bad.

I. Read the manual for the solar panel…

How does the solar power system work? The panel converts the Sun’s energy into a DC electric current. The current flows to the controller. Then it can flow from the controller to the lamps. Or it can flow from the controller into the battery. The battery stores the electricity. The current can flow from the battery into the lamps through the controller.

If the sun shines, the DC current can flow from the panel, through the controller and into the lamps. If the Sun doesn’t shine, the current can flow from the battery, through the controller and into the lamps. If the lamps are off, the current can flow from the panel, through the controller, and into the battery.

The controller controls the flow of current. If the battery is full, the controller stops the flow from the panel into the battery. If the battery is empty, the controller stops the flow from the battery into the lamps.


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