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I. Complete the warnings with the words in the box.

don't might must mustn't

1. You ______wear a hard hat on the building site.

2. _______ go through that door!

3. You________ wear safety gloves everywhere in the factory.

4. _______ touch that machine! It's very hot.

5. Be careful! High-voltage electricity. You______get an electric shock.

6. You______use your mobile phone here.


II. Work in pairs. Why do the signs below have different colours and shapes? Match the examples to the signs.


The safety signs below follow the ISO international standard. This standard is used in the EU because it has many different languages. There are three types of safety sign:   WARNING SIGNS.These signs warn you about a danger. They say things like this: Warning. Danger. Be careful. Look out. There is a danger or hazard here. You might injure yourself. The signs are yellow and black in colour and triangular in shape. Here are some examples: 1 Warning. Poison: see (1) _C_ 2 Danger. Fire hazard here: see (2) PROHIBITION SIGNS.These signs prohibit an action. They say: Do not do this. You must not do this. Never do this. The signs are red, white and black in colour and round in shape. Here are some examples: 3 You must not lift this with a hook: see (3) 4 Never take the guard off this machine: see (4) MANDATORY ACTION SIGNS.These signs order you to do something. They say: Do this. You must do this. Always do this. These signs are blue and white in colour, and round in shape. Here are some examples: 5 Always read the manual before you service this machine: see (5) 6 You must use the guard on this circular saw: see (6)    


III. Complete the instructions with the words in the box.

always do do not must mustn't never


1.___________use a lighted match in this workshop.

2.___________wash your hands after using these chemicals.

3.___________ enter this small space.

4. You_________wear safety boots when you lift this.

5.____________not smoke in this factory.

6.You___________ touch this machine with bare hands. It's hot.


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