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Examination Topics

Rendering of the text

  1. The story is entitled
  2. The author of the story is
  3. It is devoted to
  4. The story tells the reader about
  5. The main characters of the story are
  6. Their names are (his, her name is)
  7. She is a clever pretty girl of fifteen.
  8. In conclusion it is said that
  9. I should say that I like the story. I think it is interesting and funny, humorous, witty, instructive, educative, sad, touching. To my mind the language of the story is simple, vivid and present-day. There are many useful new words and expressions in the text, for example:


Choosing a career

Finishing school is the beginning of the independent life for school leavers. Many roads are before them: technical schools, institutes and universities. It is not an easy thing to choose a profession. As for me I have made my choice. I want to become an economist. My choice didnít come suddenly. During all school years Iíve heard much about this profession. I read a few books and articles about it and saw films.

I am sure that this profession is very interesting. I think it is a specific and difficult job. It requires a long period of study at a special faculty. I plan to enter the Economy University this year. Iíll have to write several tests and take examinations on mathematics and Russian.

The students study mathematics, economy, law, psychology and foreign languages. They may have a chance to work for a foreign firm. An economist has great social responsibilities. Under his rule a firm works efficiently and is able to meet competition in the market place.

An economist must know product planning and development, buying, storage, selling, crediting, pricing, traf≠fic, distribution, advertising, promotion. You can become a good economist if you have a good training. I plan to continue studying English and other foreign languages. Self-education is necessary for everyone.

I am also interested in computer science. It is a whole new world. I have a computer at home and can spend hours working at it. It will be helpful in my future profession you know. It is much easier to do things on computer, for example to do sums in Excel or write a report in Word. We are living in the age of information and modern technology.

I believe this speciality is really needed. I am sure you need to have a very creative mind to be an economist and that our country needs good specialists in economy.



Before I finished school I had dreamed of becoming a dancer. I think many girls want to become stars in singing or dancing. A lot of young girls want to be actresses. Of course, these are very interesting and attractive professions. But when I grew older, I understood that choosing a career was a very serious problem.

As I have always been interested in languages I decided to become a teacher of English. I want to teach English, to make my lessons interesting and educative. I want my pupils to know and understand the English language. (ÚŚžŗ The English Language).

I made up my mind to enter the faculty of foreign language of Ural State Pedagogical University.

I shall be happy to have a chance to study different aspects of linguistics, listen to the lectures and attend English classes. I am going to work hard at my English. Studentsí life is very interesting and eventful. If I enter the University I am sure that Iíll be a good student.

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