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I’m studying at Ufa State Petroleum Technological University. Now I am a second-year student of the Automation department. Our department’s full name is “Automation of technological processes and production in oil and gas industry”. The department trains engineers for automation of manufacturing and oil production processes. Automation of all industrial processes is of great importance in engineering nowadays.


1. The production processes automation chair trains specialists, who can:

– work on the personal computer and draw up applied programmes with the use of information technologies;

– make calculations of electric and electronic schemes of devices;

– draw up logical schemes of digital automation devices and automatic control systems;

– develop and design automation devices and systems with the use of programmed and hardware complexes;

– choose and assemble automation and telemechanics systems;

– carry out the check and certification of instruments and technical facilities of automation.


2. The chair of automation of chemical and technological processes and production in oil refining and petrochemistry trains specialists:

– for administrative and economic work (heads of enterprises, fields, shops, departments, laboratories; chief specialists in the field of automation);

– for scientific and production work (development, adjustment and exploitation of automatic control systems, examining, anti-emergency protection and blocking; of expert diagnosis and artificial intellect systems of different purposes; of optimal imitative systems and simulators).


3. The chair of electrical drive and automatics of industrial installations and technological complexes.

Prospective engineers will get theoretical and practical training on such theoretical bases as electrical engineering, electrical machine and equipment, automatic electric drive, digital and microprocessor technology, electric network, power supply, relay protection, computer science and programming, new information technologies, including network technologies.

A graduate of this specialty can design electrical machines and electric drive systems, project schemes of electrical network and power supply, work out the schemes of relay protection and automatics, use computer, create computer networks and automated gaining and processing of information systems.

The graduates of this specialty work both at enterprises of oil and gas industry and other industrial enterprises of heat-and-power engineering, in project organizations and engineering research institutions.

4. Studying the speciality “Software for computing equipment and computerized systems”, a future engineer acquires a fundamental training on physics, mathematics, digital and microprocessor-based hardware, modelling and optimal industrial and production control, designing and development of computer systems and information technologies in various fields.

A graduate of the speciality is competent to assume responsibility for solving the following tasks:

− designing and development of application oriented, instrumental and system-customized software for computer and computerized systems on the basis of modern methods, means and technologies appliance to the software creation process;

− computer simulation of events and processes, creation of computerized control systems for research studies and technological processes;

− exploitation and modernization of complex program systems employed in modern computerized information technologies.

An engineer of this speciality is able to work anywhere, where electronic computing machinery is used – at scientific centres, design engineering firms, educational institutions, commercial and bank organizations, departments of industrial enterprises.




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