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Make the sentences negative using the Past Simple Tense.

1. Yesterday I washed my dress, but I _______________ my scarf.

2. Tim danced with Kate at the party, but he ____________ with Ann.

3. In the morning we drank tea, we ___________ coffee.

4. In summer Liz often played tennis, but she __________ volleyball.

5. Dan wrote a letter to his aunt, but he _________ a letter to his uncle.

6. At the English class we wrote a dictation, but we _________ a composition.

7. The day before yesterday I visited my grandmother, but I ________ my friend.

8. Last summer we lived near the river, we ___________ near the lake.


Fill in the blanks using the Past Simple Tense.

1. I didnít go fishing, I _________ for a walk.

2. The teacher didnít call me out, she ____________ my friend.

3. They didnít come home at 4, they __________ home at 6.

4. Kate didnít go to Kiev, she _________ to Odessa.

5. We didnít have an English class yesterday, we _________ a German class.

6. I didnít eat an apple yesterday, I ________ a pear.

7. She didnít see me, she ____________ my sister.

8. You didnít invite Tom, you ____________ Paul.


Make up the sentences using the Past Simple Tense.

1. Our father drinks coffee every morning. (yesterday)

2. Tim comes home at 2 oíclock every Monday. (last Monday)

3. I usually get excellent marks in English. (last year)

4. All the students of our group attend the deanís lecture. (the day before yesterday)

5. We work at the English lab on Friday. (two days ago)


Make the sentences interrogative using the Past Simple Tense.

1. The lecture began at 3 oíclock yesterday.

2. The students worked hard on their reports last Friday.

3. They spent their last vacations in the Crimea.

4. He took part in a sport competition last Sunday.

5. She liked to work in the evening.


Complete the newspaper story using the Past Simple Tense.

Two people (to die) in a fire in Ellis Street, Oldport yesterday morning. They (to be) Herbert and Molly Paynter, a couple in their seventies. The fire (to start) at 3.20 a.m. A neighbour, Mr Aziz, (to see) the flames and (to call) the fire brigade. He also (to try) to get into the house and rescue his neighbours, but the heat (to be) too great. The fire brigade (to arrive) in five minutes. Twenty fire-fighters (to fight) the fire and finally (to bring) it under control. Two fire-fighters (to enter) the burning building but (to find) the couple dead.

Complete the conversation using the Past Simple Tense.

Claire: ________ (you/have) a nice weekend in Paris?

Mark: Yes, thanks. It was good. We looked around and then we saw a show.

__________ (we/not/try) to do too much.

Claire: What sights _________ (you/see)?

Mark: We had a look round the Louvre. _________ (I/not/know) there was so much in there.

Claire: And what show ____________ (you/go) to?

Mark: Oh, a musical. ______________ (I/not/like) it.

Claire: Oh, dear. And ___________ (Sarah/enjoy) it?

Mark: No, not really. But we enjoyed the weekend. Sarah did some shopping, too, but __________ (I/not/want) to go shopping.

7. Answer the questions in the Past Simple using ďlastĒ or ďagoĒ and the words in brackets.

1. When did you speak to Peter? (week)

2. When did they buy that car? (two years)

3. When did we clean the windows? (six months)

4. When did the film start? (five minutes)

5. When did you see your cousin? (three years)

6. When did she stop smoking? (month)

7. When did it stop raining? (two hours)

8. When did they go to Australia? (year)

9. When did Max phone? (night)

10. When did you find your wallet? (half an hour)


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