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Choose the correct answer a, b, or c .


1. My mother Ö a bad headache.

a) have got b) am c) has got

2. Where Ö the Johnsons live?

a) do b) are c) does

3. Margie and her sister Ö wonderful voices.

a) does b) has got c) have got

4. I Ö understand that man because I Ö English.

a) not Ö donít b) donít Ö not c) donít Ö donít

5. Ö you Ö any time to help me? Ė Sorry, I donít.

a) Do Ö have b) Have Ö got c) Do Ö have

6. Everybody in our family Ö Mummy about the house.

a) help b) helps c) to help

7. Ö Jane Smith Ö English?

a) Is Ö speak b) Does Ö speak c) Do Ö speaks

8. The Browns Ö a nice house in the country.

a) has got b) have got c) has

9. Ö you like swimming?

a) Do b) Does c) Are

10. Ö Dad Ö any brothers or sisters?

a) Have Ö got b) Does Ö have c) Does Ö has

11. Ö your sister often go to the theatre?

a) Is b) Does c) Do

12. We Ö a car, but we are going to buy it.

a) donít have b) arenít have c) hasnít

13. Ö Bob know what I want?

a) Do b) Does c) Is

14. They canít go out because they Ö rain-coats and umbrellas.

a) have got b) arenít have c) donít have

15. Jack lives not far from us, but we Ö him often.

a) not see b) doesnít see c) donít see

16. Donít give him cigarettes. He Ö smoke.

a) isnít smoke b) doesnít smoke c) donít smoke

17. Can you help me? I Ö the way to the market.

a) am not know b) not know c) donít know

18. Ö Pete Ö any beer in the fridge?

a) Does Ö have b) Do Ö has c) Have Ö got

19. My daughter Mary Ö apples, but she likes oranges.

a) not likes b) doesnít likes c) doesnít like

20. Whatís the matter? You Ö very happy.

a) look b) looks c) donít look

A. Read the text.

B. Look at the highlighted words. What do you think they mean? Check with your dictionary.

The Rainforest Children

John Allen is 43 years old and he has four children: two daughters and two sons. John is a plant scientist and he lives with three of his children in the South American rainforest. Their 'house' is a group of tents near the River Orinoco in Venezuela. John's wife and one of his daughters prefer to live in London.

John's children don't go to school because John is their teacher. He teaches them everything he knows, including how to survive in South America.

The children don't know how to use a PlayStation, but they can all drive, even his 9-year-old son, Simon. At night they drive their car 50 metres from the kitchen tent to the bedroom tent because there are a lot of wild animals in the area. They spend their free time playing and reading books and in the evening they listen to the news on the radio. They don't have a TV or CD player. In the summer the children's friends come from London to visit. When they go home they tell their parents incredible stories of their holidays in the Venezuelan rainforest.


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