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X 2 points) Making Presentations. Match the words or word combinations with their definitions. One definition is extra.Write your answers (letters A, B, C, D or E) in the boxes.


1: pointer 2: screen 3: slide 4: whiteboard a: to help the audience understand where one is in a presentation
b: device (rod or electric torch etc) for indicating things on a map, screen etc
c: relationship of presenter with audience, esp. when good
d: things that one can look at in a presentation
e: non-verbal communication through facial expressions, body movements etc




3.2.2. (1 point) Making reports. Read the main part of the report and choose the correct answer. Tick (√) your answer in the boxes.


Report on the performance of Burford Sports Centre


Financial performance


Turnover rose from just under $5m last year to $5.5m this year, and this positive is expected to continue next year. Profits also rose significantly this year. They increased approximately $150,000 from $540,000 to 690,000.

Moreover, this figure is forecasted to rise even further, to about $800,000 next year.


a: trend

b: tendency

c: direction


a b c


X 1 points) Describing graphs. Study the graph and compare the wine consumption. Write your answers (figures 1 or 2) in the boxes.



1) The Japanese drink wine.

2) The French drink wine.


a: more  
b: the most  
c: less  
d: the least  
e: the fewest  


Points) Read this e-mail from Joshua Kielfy, who has applied for a post as a Trainee Manager with your company. You are the Department Head, Mrs Hunter, and you have arranged to interview him.


Dear Mrs Hunter,

You may remember that I recently applied for a post as Trainee Manager with your company and that we have arranged an interview for Friday 6th June at 10 a.m.

I am terribly sorry to have to ask you this, but could we possibly change the date of the interview, perhaps to a day later in the week? The reason is that I have been called for an appointment at the hospital (I have been waiting for 4 months for this appointment) and this is the only day that the doctor can do it.

If you could arrange another day, I would be extremely grateful. If, however, this is not possible, please let me know and I will rearrange the hospital appointment.

Also, could you please let me know what documents and/or certificates I should bring with me? Thank you.

Yours sincerely,

Joshua Kielfy


Write an e-mail reply to Joshua:


Saying when you received his e-mail

Expressing the hope that he will be in good health

Telling him that you can change the appointment

Explaining which documents he should bring.


Write 60-80 words.


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