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Small Liberal Arts Colleges

Small Liberal Arts Colleges are undergraduate institutions of higher education in the United States. Generally, a full-time, four-year course of study at a liberal arts college leads students to a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science degree.

They are known for being residential and for having smaller enrollment, class size, and teacher-student ratios than universities. The colleges are either coeducational, womenís colleges, or menís colleges. Some are historically black colleges. Some are also secular (or not affiliated with a particular religion) while others are involved in religious education. Many are private. The focus is on the student, not the faculty; he/she is heavily involved in his/her own education. There are no passive ears; students and faculty work so closely together, they even coauthor publications. Teaching is an act of love. There is not only a mentor relationship in class but professors become hiking companions, intramural teammates, dinner companions, and friends. Learning is collaborative rather than competitive; values are central; there is a strong sense of community. They are places of great synergy, where the whole becomes greater than the sum of the parts. Aspirations are raised, young people are empowered.

Technical institutes

These are schools specializing mainly in engineering and sciences and particularly noted for research and graduate programs.

The undergraduate colleges of these schools also offer a variety of liberal arts courses along with their technical subjects.

Among the USA technical instututions are the Massachussets Institute of Technology, California Polytechnic Institute, Georgea Institute of Tecnology, Worcester Polytechnic Istitute and others.

Denominatinal or religiously-affiliated schools

These are the higher educational establishments formed and administered by religious groups and organizations. They are not limited in admission, however, to memebers of the religious group concerned. Among the schools in category are Notre Dame and Georgetown (Catholic), Brandeeis and Yeshiva (Jewish), Brigham Young (Mormon), Southern Metodist University (Methodist), Earlham (Quaker).

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