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Read the text again and answer the following questions.

1) What is a sole proprietorship? 2) Must the name of the sole proprietors be indicated in the name of the firm? 3) Are people hired to work in the sole proprietorships considered to be proprietors? 4) In what cases can the books of the sole proprietorships be made public? 5) Why is it not possible to get true information of the activities of the sole proprietorships? 6) In which spheres of business do sole proprietorships normally work? 7) What is the main feature of an unlimited partnership? 8) In what way is the profit obtained distributed in the unlimited partnership? 9) In what case can the unlimited partnership be disbanded? 10) What is a limited partnership? 11) How many people does it take to form a limited partnership? 12) What are the peculiarities of the name of the limited partnership firm? 13) Why do master limited partnerships bear the features both of the limited partnership and a joint-stock company? 14) What is the advantage of a master limited partnership? 15) Which feature is attractive for investors in master limited partnerships? 16) What is a private limited company? 17) What kind of abbreviation must private limited companies have in their names? 18) How is the equity capital of the private limited companies formed? 19) What factor provides for the close character of the private limited companies? 20) What are the circumstances limiting financial rights and production opportunities of the private limited companies? 21) What is the public limited company? 22) Who can be the founder of the public limited company? 23) Are the shareholders liable by the company’s obligations? 24) Does the investor to the public limited company need to get a special permit to sell his shares? 25) What is the role of the initial capital for the public limited company? 26) What is the additional way of financing business for the publicly held company? 27) What factors make the public limited company the best form of concentration and centralization of capital goods and capital? 28) How can the shareholders of the public limited companies realize their property rights? 29) What are the rights of the shareholders in public limited company? 30) How many votes in one share is equal to? 31) Is a person or a legal person holding the majority interest is the most powerful in the public limited company? 32) What kind of abbreviation must public limited companies have in their names? 33) What is the difference between the private limited company and the public limited company?



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