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6.2 Study the CV given below. What do you like and what do you dislike in it?


Name : Svenn Kjetil Haveland

Date of birth : 1973

Nationality : Norwegian

Languages : Norwegian, English, (Knowledge to German)

Profession : Electronics engineer

Position : Manager

Employed by SIEMENS : June 1996

Summary: Today I am Manager for Engineering Department in Bergen in Siemens Oil & Gas Offshore AS. Personnel responsibility for approximately 100 persons divided on 6 Department Managers. Responsible for budgets, competence, recruitment and resource allocation to our projects. The first 10 years in Siemens I worked with Information Management and communication systems towards oil platforms. Most of the time being a technical coordinator, I have been working with technology involving programming, database administration, configuration and offshore commissioning. In addition I've had administrative responsibility like project manager, co-ordination, planning, document and version control and in-house education.


1993 - 1996 : Engineering education at Hoeyskolen in Bergen, department of electronics.

1989 - 1992 : University Entry Exam at Fyllingsdalen.


2006 : Course in understanding of the oil process SIMATIC PCS 7 System Course

2004 : Personal Management / HES course

1999 : AspenTech InfoPlus.21 fundamentals Course

1998 : MS Project 98 Introduction Course

1997 : Oracle Structure Query Language Course

Certificates and Offshore Courses

2007 February : Renewal Offshore Safety Course

2004 August : Health certificate renewed valid to 2006

2003 : Safe job analysis Course


Sept 2006 present : Manager for Engineering in Bergen in Oil & Gas Division.

Personnel responsibility for approximately 90-100 persons divided on 6 Department Managers.

Responsible of supplying necessary qualified engineering personnel as required for execution of projects according to agreed MPP (Manpower Projection Plan). Direct recruitment and co-operating with domestic and international partners to hire resources. Economic responsibility regarding productivity targets, rates, internal funds etc. Responsible for competence evolution both technological and in working methodology.

Fiscal year 2007-2008:

Increase in personnel from 85 to 102, while maintained to keep the consultant degree at approximately 35 %. Expanded our areas to building facilities near by. I was part of the team for implementation of Vision & Values in the Siemens Oil & Gas Offshore organisation. Established uniform introduction programs for new employees.

Fiscal year 2006-2007:

Established and got in production new local management for the department in Bergen. Established new resource handling with scheduled meetings. Established automatic tools for validation and control of SAP man-hours.

Apr 2006 Aug 2006 : Department Manager on Technical Department as described below.

Participation in Visund Subsea Changeover study and bid: Analysing and describing scope of work, consequences, risks, plans and cost for exchanging existing Subsea Control Units and Hydraulics Power Unit. This is the first PCS 7 Node on Visund which is replaced along with Subsea Electronic Modules and Subsea Power Control Units from Aker Kvarner Subsea.

Sept 2003 Mar 2006 : Department Manager on Technical Department:

Personnel responsibility for a group of approximately 15 persons.

Planning resource needs and acquiring resources (CVs, interviews, contracts etc.).

IMS work: Bid work, co-ordination, customer presentations, end user support and technical work in Information Management System (IMS). Technical and administrative support for projects and Operational Support Department.

Jan 2003 Aug 2003 : Statoil, Information Management System (IMS)

Worked in Vigdis Extension Subsea project on the IMS part towards the Snorre TLP platform. Project Manager, system configuration, application development and offshore commissioning.

May 2002 Dec 2002 : Norsk Hydro, Information Management System (IMS)

Bid work and participation in a project for delivery of the IMS for Snorre TLP. This system is based on object oriented technology, event-driven communication and up to date system engineering methods. AspenTechs InfoPlus.21 database is used for collection and storage of process data.

Nov. 1999 May 2002 : Norsk Hydro, Oil Production Information System (OPIS)

Responsible for establishing procedures for version control and handling of oftware changes. Bid work, coordinating, follow-ups and technical implementation of functionality modifications for all six OPIS platforms.

Participation and technical responsible in subsea extension projects.

Sept. 1998 Sept. 1999 : Norsk Hydro, Oil Production Information System (OPIS)

Continuing on the project as described below, but got more responsibility in planning and co-ordination of the OPIS team members for activities in the basis project and towards the platforms Visund, Oseberg Øst, Troll C and Oseberg Sør. Also engaged in teaching new personnel and supervising course for users of the system.

Oct. 1997 Aug. 1998 : Norsk Hydro, Oil Production Information System (OPIS)

In this project we use a hierarchical database from Hewlett Packard called RTAP (Real Time Application Platform) to collect process data from the DISCOS control and monitoring system. We also use an Oracle relation database for historical storage of process data. Both these databases run on a separated HP UNIX server, while the user-interface is built on Windows NT clients. I got involved in most of the technical parts of the project:

- Building and configuring the RTAP-database for data collection and export.

- Making C-program for communication between the databases.

- Configuring Oracle-tables with information needed in the client-software, based on System Control Diagram (SCD) and communication with the customer.

In addition to this I was responsible for the technical coordination in adapting the system to the Oseberg Øst platform. In this connection one of my tasks was to handle a system for registration and control of documents and source-code.

April June 1997 : Pemex, Cantarell 5 RPUs. Commissioning in Mexico.

Participated in commissioning in the Cantarell project. In all 9 weeks in Mexico onshore and offshore to install RPUs on 5 different platforms and upgrade microprocessor-programs on 2 additional platforms. My tasks involved installing the C++ program and get the hardware to play, upgrading some microprocessors and making databases over process data for the new equipment.

Nov. 1996 Mars 1997 : Pemex, Cantarell - 5 RPUs.

Attended Cantarell project vs. the Mexican petroleum company Pemex. Familiar with the concept and the hardware-solutions on the Remote Processing Unit (RPU) based on two Simatic 115U with CP581, and remote I/O ET200. Worked with the

supervising applications (SMS) and manipulated the databases with process information (DbGen). Worked with documentation and participated in the FAT. Knowledge of the C++ program that is responsible of the data-traffic and redundancy-operations. This is a DOS-program implemented on the CP581. Built application programs using Delphi 2.0 for Win95.

June July 1996 : Windows-programming.

Studied programming in Windows 3.11 environment with Borland C++ 3.1 and Paradox 5.0 for windows. Touched areas like Windows handles, Dynamic Data Exchange, Database management, data communications and 3964-protocol.

(from http://haveland.info)


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