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VIII. Read the text. Translate it into Russian

Test Paper 1

I. Supply the necessary preposition:

1) To discuss contract terms _______ smb.

a) to b) with c) at

2) to deliver the goods ______ 6 months

a) before b) in c) at

3) to be convenient _____ somebody

a) to b) at c) for

4) to accept payment _____ collection

a) before b) in c) for

II. Choose the correct form of verb:

5) I don’t know if they _____ us a 10% discount.

a) give b) will give c) would give

6) I didn’t know when our inspector _____ back.

a) comes b) will come c) would come

III. Choose the right answer:

7) What is the abbreviation AR used for?

a) and company b) all risks c) according to

8) What is CIF?

a) Carriage Forward b) Container Freight station c) Cost, Insurance and


IV. Fill in the gaps:

9) We regret we were unable to send a _____ to settle our account for the last quarter.

a) letter b) cheque c) fax

10) I’m writing to you concerning your order ¹ CU 1154/d, which you _____ four weeks ago.

a) did b) made c) placed

11) Did you make your ______ by fax or by letter?

a) require b) enquiry c) desire

V. Define the kind of a business letter:


I am writing to you concerning your order, No. CU 1154/d, which you placed four weeks ago. At that time we had expected to be able to complete the order well within the delivery date which we gave you of 18 June, but since then we have heard that our main supplier of chrome has gone bankrupt.


It will be necessary to find an alternative supplier who can fulfil all the outstanding contracts we have to complete. As you will appreciate this will take some time, but we are confident that we should be able to deliver consignments to our customers by the middle of next month.


The units themselves have been assembled and only need completing. We regret this unfortunate situation over which we had no control and apologize for the inconvenience caused. We will understand if you wish to cancel the order, but stress that we are confident that we will be able to complete delivery by the middle of next month.

a) a letter of enquiry b) an apologize c) a complaint

VI. Read the following business letter and define the parts of the letter:


13) Telephone +44 (0)12824625

Facsimile +44(0)1282 6382

Email j.merton@glaston.co.uk



14) 10 June 2008


15) Ms L. Lowe

Sanders & Lowe Ltd

Planter House

Princes Street

London ECI 7DQ


Dear Ms Lowe


16) We were pleased to receive your enquiry today, and are enclosing the catalogue and price list you asked for.


You will see that we can offer a wide selection of dinner and tea services ranging from the rugged ‘Greystone’ earthenware breakfast sets to the delicate 'Ming' bone china dinner service. You can choose from more than fifty designs, which include the elegance of ‘Wedgwood’, the delicate pattern of ‘Willow’, and the richness of ‘Brownstone’ glaze.

We would very much like to add your clients to our worldwide list of customers, and could promise them an excellent product with a first-class service. We would be glad to accept orders for any number of places and can mix sets if required.

You will see that our prices are quoted CIF to Eastern Canadian sea board ports and we are offering a special 10% discount off all net prices, with delivery within three weeks from receipt of order.

If there is any further information you need, please contact us, or go to our website at the address above. Once again thank you for your enquiry.

17) Yours sincerely

J. Merton (Mr)

Sales Manager


13) a) inside address b) sender’s address c) post office’s address

14) a) date of sending the letter off b) date of receiving the letter

15) a) post office’s address b) sender’s address c) inside address

16) salutation b) body of the letter c) attention line

17) signature b) complimentary close c) job title


VII. Choose the right word or word-combination to fill in the gaps in a memo:

To: Secreterial Supervisor

18) _____: Claire McElroy

19) _____: Demonstration of new office equipment

The Sales Manager of Smart Equipment will visit us on 28 April to demonstrate their new computer and fax-machine which you are sure to be interested in.

Please arrange the time to meet him so that all your staff could be present.

20) ____________


18) a) for b) from c) of

19) a) subject b) attention line c) about

20) a) Sales Manager b) Secreterial Supervisor c) Claire McElroy


VIII. Read the text. Translate it into Russian


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