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X 1 point) The following dialogue is in the wrong order. Rearrange it to make a natural flow of conversation.

(1) Scotland. This time of year it's pretty cold.

(2) A bit warmer than back home.

(3) Well, if you do come across, you must visit us.

(4) Oh, so where do you come from?

(5) Yes, that's right. The best time to visit is in the summer.

(6) I can imagine. I've never been but people tell me it's very beautiful.

(7) How do you find the weather here?

(8) Maybe I'll get across next year.





2.3. ( 10 x 1 point) This task refers to the following two e-mails. Put the correct word or phrase in each blank. Choose from the following list. Use each item once only. Write your answers (letters A, B or J) in the boxes.

A.I hope B.regarding C.further assistance D.Sincerely E.am enclosing F.the information G.the following H.specifically I.a customer J.let me know


Customer Service Office Union Bank 135 Main Street Home, AK 99999  
Dear Customer Service: I received a debit card from your bank last week, and I have some questions __(1)__ its use. __(2)__, I am concerned about liability. If a thief steals my card and makes charges to my account, am I responsible for paying for them, or do I have protection like I have with my credit card? I looked in the booklet Rules for Personal Accounts at Union Bank, but I didn't see __(3)__ there. I have been __(4)__ at your bank for over 15 years and have always been happy with the service I have received there. __(5)__ you can answer my question satisfactorily. __(6)__, Arthur Schmidt



Mr. Arthur Schmidt 1705 Oak Boulevard Home, AK 99999  
Dear Mr. Schmidt: You recently sent a letter to our office asking about the Union Bank debit card. You wanted to know about liability. Our policy is __(7)__: If you report a lost or stolen card within 48 hours, you are not responsible for any charges made on it. If you report it after 48 hours, you will be responsible for charges up to $50. So you see, the debit card has similar protection to a credit card. The information is actually in the document you mentioned. It appears on page 39. I __(8)__ a photocopy of it for your convenience. Please __(9)__ if I can be of any __(10)__to you. Best Wishes, Elena Ugarte

X 2 points) For questions 1-5, you have to choose the option (, , or D) which best matches the information in the letters (task 2.3).

1. Why did Mr. Schmidt write the letter?   (A)To open a new bank account (B)To report a stolen credit card (C)To find out his account balance (D)To get information about his debit card
2. How long has Mr. Schmidt been banking at Union Bank? (A)For 48 hours (B)For one week (C)For a little less than 15 years (D)For more than 15 years  
3. Where can Mr. Schmidt find the information he needs? (A)On the back of his debit card (B)In a booklet of bank rules (C)On his account statement (D)In his checkbook  
4. What is probably Elena Ugarte's job?   (A)Customer service representative (B)Credit card specialist (C)Loan officer (D)Teller  
5. What did Ms. Ugarte enclose in the letter? (A)A new debit card (B)A copy of a page (C)A bill for $50 (D)A photograph  





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