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You ________ drive on the right in Europe (except in the UK).

o have to

67. You ________ pay to get into that exhibition - itís free.

o donít have to

68. A: ĎYouíre getting married? You ________ be serious!í B: ĎYouíre right. Iím just joking.í

o canít

69. A: ĎI thought you ________ like to borrow this book.í B: ĎOh great, thanks. I was thinking about buying it.í

o might

70. A: ĎIíve just run 20km. Iím training for a marathon.í B: ĎReally? You ________ feel exhausted.í

o must

71. A: ĎMarilyn and Bob are on holiday in Sicily this week.í B: ĎThey ________ be. Iíve just seen Marilyn in town.í

o canít

72. A: ĎI passed my driving test!í B: ĎCongratulations! You ________ be very happy.í

o must

73. A: ĎLook, Jane left her bag here.í B: ĎIt ________ be Janeís- her bag is black.í

o canít

74. A: ĎWhereís Steven?í B: ĎI donít know. He ________ be in a meeting. Shall I look in his diary?í

o might

75. What does this label say? I ________ see without my glasses.

o canít

76. Iíve never ________draw well, but my brother is brilliant.

o been able to

77. ________ you lend me a pen, please?

o Could

78. Iím free tonight, so Iíll ________ come and help you if you like.

o be able to

After three months living here, I ________ understand quite a lot of Japanese.

o can

80. Iíd love ________ play a musical instrument.

o to be able to

You must ________ off your mobile before you go into the cinema.

o turn

82. I have to go to a meeting. Can you call me ________ in half an hour?

o back

83. Iíve just bought a new mobile; I must choose a new ring ________.

o tone

84. Iím sorry, I think I dialled the wrong ________.

o number

85. Iím trying to call Sarah, but her lineís been ________ for half an hour; she must be talking to her boyfriend.

o engaged

86. I sent you a ________ earlier - did you get it?

o text

The person you are calling is not available at the moment. Please leave a ________ after the beep.

o message

I wear my hair in a ________ to keep it out of my eyes.

o ponytail

89. My grandfather has a thick white ________. He looks a bit like Father Christmas!

o beard

90. She has very long hair; itís ________ and dark.

o straight

91. Darrenís completely ________ now. I didnít recognize him without hair!

o bald

92. Heís ________ because he does a lot of swimming and surfing.

o well built

93. I was a bit ________ last year, but now Iím really slim again.

o overweight

Studying for five hours a day is really ________.

o tiring

95. I fell over in the restaurant. I was so ________!

o embarrassed

96. It rained every day on my holiday. I couldnít do anything and was really _______.

o bored

It was really ________ when we saw the lion so close.

o frightening

98. My mobile rang in the middle of the film; it was so ________! Everyone in the cinema looked at me.

o embarrassing

99. Iím too ________ to spend a night alone in this house with ghost.

o frightened

100. Iím very _______. I spent all day sightseeing and shopping in London.

o tired

101. I ________ (already / finish) cooking when Gill offered to help.

o had already finished

As soon as I arrived, we ________ (order) our food - everyone had waited for me.

o ordered

Manchester United ________ (win) 2-0 at half time, but they lost the match 3-2.

o were winning

We were really tired when we arrived because we ________ (not sleep) for 26 hours.

o hadnít slept

105. I was thinking about him when he ________ (ring) me!

o rang

Choose the odd word out.

o ugly

Choose the odd word out.

o beans

Choose the odd word out.

o raw

Choose the odd word out.

o uncle

Choose the odd word out.

o menu

111. How long _______ in Madrid?

o has your brother been working

112. Iím writing an email to my best friend. I _______ her for years.

o íve known

113. Donít worry. I _______ - Iíve got a cold.

o havenít been crying

114. Iíve been waiting for this moment _______ a long time.

o for

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