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A) like a house on fire

8. Choose an idiom for the underlined words: My first visit to China was a real learning experience.

a) eye-opener

9. Mark been to England many times. He knows the culture inside______.

A) out

10. I've told him he can have his job back if he apologises. The ball's _______ his court now.

A) in

11. I had many problems with my CEO, but now Iíve had it_______ with him.

a) out

12. Sorry Couldnít reply earlier. I was all_____ to my eyes in work last week.

A) up

13. Jack really put his foot _________ it by asking silly questions at the meeting.

A) in

14. You'll be a fish_________of water in any new company for a few weeks.

A) out

15. The sentence ďIn our company, junior staff have to respect the senior executive.Ē Expresses the idea that something:

a) is required by social rules.

16. The sentence ďAll foreign employees must be registered in the ministry of labour.Ē Expresses the idea that something:

a) is required by law.

17. The sentence ďOur organisation has a day off on Monday; you donít have to come on that day.Ē Expresses the idea that something:.

a) is not necessary to do .

18. The sentence ďYou mustnít take more than 3000 dollars out of the country .Ē Expresses the idea that something:

A) is against the law.


19. Complete Bís responses to A.

A: Iíve just been promoted to Managing Director!

B: __________________

a) Congratulations!

20. Complete Bís responses to A.

A: Can I pay for this?

B: _________

a) Itís on me.


21. Complete Bís responses to A.

A: Those cakes look good!

B: ________

A) Help yourself

22. Complete Bís responses to A.

A: Would you like to join us for dinner this evening?

B: _________________

A) That sounds good.

23. Complete Bís responses to A.

A: Iím really tired.

B: Have a seat. ________________

A) Make yourself at home.


24. Complete Bís responses to A.

A: I have been made redundant.

B: Oh! ________________

A) sorry to hear that.

25. Complete Bís responses to A.

A: Is it your first visit to our distribution center?

B: NO! I come here ________________

A) quite often.

26. Complete Bís responses to A.

A: So, what do you think of our company?

B: I really like it. There is ________________to do.

A) so much.

27. Complete Bís responses to A.

A: How long are you going to stay here?

B: __________ tomorrow morning.

A) Till

28. Complete Bís responses to A.

A: Are you here for business or pleasure?

B: Business, Iím_______

A) afraid

29. Complete Bís responses to A.

A: Hello Mr, John. Could you please run a one-day seminar for our staff?

B: Yes, I would be _____________ to do so.

A) delighted

30. Complete Bís responses to A.

A: Hi! Mike. I am going to come to your office tomorrow?

B: Wow, I_______ to seeing you.

A) look forward


1. Dave _______ a shower at the moment. Iíll tell him you called.

o is having

2. _______ you _______ that book already? That was quick!

o HaveÖ finished

3. What _______ you _______ Pete for his birthday last week?

o didÖ give

4. I _______ to the doctorís at 4.30. Iíll see you at 5.00.

o am going

5. He _______ on his computer since four oíclock.

o has been playing

6. Donít get a taxi. I _______ after the class.

o will pick you up

7. _______ you _______ the new film next week?

o AreÖ going to see

We _______ with my parents at the moment while we look for a flat.

o are staying

I _______ lunch and was having coffee when Joe arrived with an enormous cake.

o had finished

10. _______ you ever _______ a sports car?

o HaveÖ driven

11. Sorry Iím late. _______ you _______ long?

o HaveÖ been waiting

Luckily I _______ quite slowly when a cat ran in front of my car.

o was driving

Tom says you _______ me 10 minutes ago. I was in a meeting.

o were looking for

14. I _______ yet at work. Can you lend me some money?

o havenít been paid

15. _______ we _______ the new Japanese restaurant in town?

o ShallÖ try

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