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II) Define the main idea of each paragraph.


I) Match the words with their definitions:

1.to add something to the end of written material a) ambitious

2.a difficulty which is to be conquered b) extent

3.to cause to become better c) advantage

4.happened or came into existence only a short time ago d) hurdle

5.having a strong desire for success, power e) feature

6.profit, gain, benefit f) to improve

7.a part or quality g) to append

8.a stated degree h) recent

II) Match these words to make word expressions:

1.digital a) experience

2.textbook b) text

3.hard c) dog-eared

4.social d)industry

5.paper e) copy

6.ambitious f) plan

7.to get g) version


Sentence Completion

Use the words on the right to fill the gaps correctly:

1. In future e-textbooks are ……….to replace printed versions. like

2. ………this company has upgraded the software. recent

3. Special software lets ……….add notes to e-textbooks. use

4. South Korea has a serious aim to create a digital……….network. scholar

5. The project that was launched some months ago is a very……… cost


6. The difficulties of using e-textbooks at schools will certainly be… come





1.If you have a phone, these days even space is within reach. Last year Luke Geissbühler and his son, who live in Brooklyn, popped a high-definition video camera and an Apple iPhone into a sturdy protective box with a hole for the camera’s lens. They attached the box to a weather balloon, which they released about 50 miles (80km) outside New York City, after getting the approval of the authorities. The balloon soared into the stratosphere and eventually burst. A parachute brought it to the ground. By tracking the iPhone’s inbuilt global positioning system, the Geissbühlers were able to retrieve the box and the video of their “mission”, which shows the curvature of the planet clearly.

2.The iPhone and other smartphones are proving extremely useful on Earth too. These devices, which let people download and install applications, or “apps”, from online stores, are starting to displace ordinary mobile phones in many countries.

3.Sales of tablet computers, though still small, are also growing rapidly. Since Apple’s iPad arrived last year, a lot of rivals have appeared. With smartphones, which seem to be surgically attached to the hand of every teenager and many an adult, tablets have opened up a new dimension to mobile computing that is seducing consumers. This marks a turning-point in the world of personal technology. A new tech landscape is taking shape that offers consumers access to computing almost anywhere and on many different kinds of device. Smartphones are at the forefront of this change. It happens because people come to rely more heavily on the web for everything from shopping to social networking, they need access to computing power in many more places.

4.The rise of tablets and smartphones also reflects a big shift in the world of technology itself. Now many exciting developments in IT are appearing in the hands of consumers first and only then making their way into other arenas—a trend that tech types refer to as the “consumerisation” of IT. The growth of the internet and the rapid spread of fast broadband connectivity have also transformed the landscape. So has the rise of companies such as Apple, Google and Amazon, whose main aim is to delight individuals rather than businesses or governments.

5.Companies are setting up online app stores for their employees; hospitals are handing out specially modified smartphones to nurses; soldiers are trying out tablet computers to control drones and experimenting with “battlefield apps”. Such opportunities are likely to emerge as the technological and economic forces behind this popular computing revolution gather steam.

Reading Comprehension

I) Match the headings with the correct paragraph:

1)Technological shifts 1

2)The revolution is mobile 2

3)A very unusual experiment 3

4)No place for ordinary mobile phones 4

5)The consumer is a king 5

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