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Practice makes perfect

I. Start up

Comment on the following

No man is his craft’s master the first day

Answer the questions

1. What professions are the most popular nowadays? Why?

2. What factors should be taken into consideration before choosing a future profession?

Continue the idea

Higher education gives people...

I’m glad to be a first–year student because…

II. Vocabulary bank

Learn the words and give derivatives to them

to found, law, to provide, research, to incorporate, to supply, to equip, chair, to pursue, to approach, to implement, to require

What different meanings do the following words have

chair, to manage, school, train, branch, body, bachelor, title, degree.

What is the difference betweeneconomy and economics, economical- economic?

III. Reading

Before reading try to guesswhat the pride of BSEU is.


26 Partizanskiy Prosoekt, Minsk 220070, Belarus http://www.bseu.by

Belarusian State Economic University (BSEU) was founded almost 80 years ago in 1933. It is among the largest universities in the country. It teaches students in the field of economics, management and law. The graduates of the University work in all the sectors of the national economy both in the country and abroad. The university has a developed infrastructure, which provides training and research within eight schools:

■ School of Management;

■ School of Accounting and Economics,

■ School of Finance and Banking,

■ School of International Economic Relations,

■ School of Commerce Economics and Management,

■ School of Marketing,

■ School of Law,

■ School of Language Studies.

In addition, BSEU incorporates Higher School of Tourism, Higher School of Business and Management, Consulting Centre for Commerce, a specialized school for pre-university training, and a specialized school for psychological and teaching updating. The University has Research Center, International Relations Division and Publishing Center. The University Library is one of the best supplied and equipped in the country. There is one branch of the University beyond Minsk - in Bobruisk. The University has 57 chairs, research laboratories, student hostels, and a retail trade center.

Since 1994 the training of students is done on a multi-level basis. The degrees pursued are those of bachelors, specialists (traditional university diploma) and masters. The graduates can continue their studies at postgraduate course (aspirantura and doctorantura).

The Belarus State Economic University's student body accounts for 15,000 students. 1,200 faculty members are teaching them, of whom 47 percent have advanced degrees and titles.

The priorities in teaching are given for training, a creative approach to mastering knowledge, as well as making conditions for the realization of individual abilities. The focus is made on providing of systemic level of studies, making connections among the subjects taught, establishing interdisciplinary courses, developing independent work skills, implementing active forms of the teaching process, and effective methods of testing.

The University is proud of its technical equipment. It has about 40 computer classrooms, training bookkeeping centers, as well as automated PC-based training offices for specialists in management, finance, banking, and commerce. Lecture halls have slide projectors and other required technical equipment. A few classes are fully equipped for language study. Satellite TV, Internet and local computing network are widely used in the teaching process.

Acquiring new techniques of teaching and exchanging experience in teaching combined with doing research on topical issues of economic development are made possible due to fruitful contacts with companies, agencies, and partner universities, including those beyond Belarus.

The graduates are pride of the University, many of them went on to distinguished careers. The class of 1936 gave former BSSR Minister of Finance, Prime Minister of the State Planning Board, the deputy-chair of the Board of Ministers of BSSR. A. E. Gurinovitch, who was the Foreign Affaires Minister from 1966 till 1990, is among the graduates of 1949. LN. Stashenkov (the class of 1957) served j as the BSSR Minister of Trade. P.A. Kapitula (class of 1958) worked as the Head I of the Analytical Centre for the Republic President's Administration and as President's Assistant-in-chief and many others.

In 1997 BSEU was officially awarded the status of Leading Educational Establishment in economists’ training.

BSEU is a full member of the European Universities Association and takes part in many international programs.


IV. Vocabulary extension

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