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Put the verbs in brackets into the present perfect or simple past tense. Fill the spaces by repeating the auxiliary used in the preceding verb.

The present perfect and the simple past

Put the verbs in brackets into the present perfect or simple past tense. Fill the spaces by repeating the auxiliary used in the preceding verb.


You (see) Mary on Monday? - Yes, I...

Did you see Mary on Monday? - Yes. I did.


1 Where is Tom?

- I (not see) him today, but he (tell) Mary that he'd be in for dinner.

2 I (buy) this in Bond Street.

- How much you (pay) for it?

- I(pay) £100.

3 Where you (find) this knife?

- I (find) it in the garden.

- Why you (not leave) it there?

4 I (lose) my black gloves. You (see) them anywhere?

- No, I'm afraid I .... When you last (wear) them?

- I (wear) them at the theatre last night.

- Perhaps you (leave) them at the theatre.

5 Do you know that lady who just (leave) the shop?

- Yes, that is Miss Thrift. Is she a customer of yours?

- Not exactly. She (be) in here several times but she never (buy) anything.

6 He (leave) the house at 8.00.

- Where he (go)?

- I (not see) where he (go).

7 He (serve) in the First World War.

- When that war (begin)?

- It (begin) in 1914 and (last) for four years.

8 Who you (vote) for at the last election?

- I (vote) for Mr Pitt.

- He (not be) elected, (be) he?

- No, he (lose) his deposit.

9 You (like) your last job?

- I (like) it at first but then I (quarrel) with my employer and he (dismiss) me.

- How long you (be) there?

- I (be) there for two weeks.

10 I (not know) that you (know) Mrs Pitt. How long you (know) her?

- I (know) her for ten years.

11 That is Mr Minus, who teaches me mathematics, but he (not have) time to teach me much. I only (be) in his class for a week.

12 You (hear) his speech on the radio last night?

- Yes, I . . .

- What you (think) of it?

13 I (not know) that you (be) here. You (be) here long?

- Yes, I (be) here two months.

- You (be) to the Cathedral?

- Yes, I (go) there last Sunday.

14 You ever (try) to give up smoking?

- Yes, I (try) last year, but then I (find) that I was getting fat so I (start) again.

15 You (see) today's paper?

- No, anything interesting (happen)? Yes, two convicted murderers (escape) from the prison down the road.

16 Mary (feed) the cat?

- Yes, she (feed) him before lunch.

- What she (give) him?

- She (give) him some fish.

17 How long you (know) your new assistant?

- I (know) him for two years.

- What he (do) before he (come) here?

- I think he (be) in prison.

18 I (not see) your aunt recently.

- No. She (not be) out of her house since she (buy) her colour TV.

19 The plumber (be) here yet?

- Yes, but he only (stay) for an hour.

- What he (do) in that time?

- He (turn) off the water and (empty) the tank.

20 Where you (be)?

- I (be) out in a yacht.

- You (enjoy) it?

- Yes, very much. We (take) part in a race.

- You (win)?

- No, we (come) in last.

21 How long that horrible monument (be) there?

- It (be) there six months. Lots of people (write) to the Town Council asking them to take it away but so far nothing (be) done.

22 I just (be) to the film War and Peace. You (see) it?

- No, I .... Is it like the book?

- I (not read) the book.

- I (read) it when I (be) at school.

- When Tolstoy (write) it?

- He (write) it in 1868.

- He (write) anything else?

23 Hannibal (bring) elephants across the Alps.

- Why he (do) that?

- He (want) to use them in battle.

24 Where you (be)?

- I (be) to the dentist.

- He (take) out your bad tooth?

- Yes, he . . .

- It (hurt)?

-Yes, horribly.

25 She (say) that she'd phone me this morning, but it is now 12.30 and she (not phone) yet.

26 I just (receive) a letter saying that we (not pay) this quarter's electricity bill. I (not give) you the money for that last week?

- Yes, you . . . but I'm afraid I (spend) it on something else.

27 How long you (be) out of work?

- I'm not out of work now. I just (start) a new job.

- How you (find) the job?

- I (answer) an advertisement in the paper.

28 You (finish) checking the accounts?

- No, not quite. I (do) about half so far.

29 I (cut) my hand rather badly. Have you a bandage?

- I'll get you one. How it (happen)?

- I was chopping some wood and the axe (slip).

30 How you (get) that scar?

- I (get) it in a car accident a year ago.

31 You (meet) my brother at the lecture yesterday?

- Yes, I .... We (have) coffee together afterwards.

32 He (lose) his job last month and since then he (be) out of work.

- Why he (lose) his job?

- He (be) very rude to Mr Pitt.

33 What are all those people looking at?

- There (be) an accident.

- You (see) what (happen)?

- Yes, a motor cycle (run) into a lorry.

34 I (phone) you twice yesterday and (get) no answer.

35 Originally horses used in bull fights (not wear) any protection, but for some time now they (wear) special padding.

36 That house (be) empty for a year. But they just (take) down the 'For Sale' sign, so I suppose someone (buy) it.


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