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A Television Interview.

Alexei Nikitin is a young film director who has just taken part in a film festival abroad. His film has won a prize, and he's going to give an interview on television. The interviewer's a TV reporter.


Interviewer: I'd like to congratulate you on your recent success.

Mr. Nikitin: Thank you very much.

I: Have you got any definite plans for the future?

N: Oh, yes. I'm going to make a television serial about pop singers. It's going to be a screen version of a novel which is a great success with the reading public just now.

I: Are you going to work with the same team?

N: Yes, it's going to be the same team, actually. We're all interested in making another film together.

I : And when are you starting work on the film?

N: We have actually started. We spent a month interviewing different singers, but that's only a beginning, of course. We've got to do a lot in the next few months.

I: Well, that was all very interesting. You've made great progress these last few years, and I wish you every success with your new film. Good luck!

N: Thanks.


3. At an Industrial Exhibition.

Boris Antonov is an engineer from a Moscow factory which is taking part in an industrial exhibition in Sokolniki Park. Mr Bennett, a businessman from Canada, is talking to Antonov, who's working at the exhibition as a guide.


Bennett: Have you seen our new model, Boris?

Antonov: Yes, and I must say it's a very up-to-date design. My congratulations!

B: Thanks I'm happy to hear that.

A: We're interested in buying some of these machines for our factories.

B: Are you? How many would you like to buy?

A: I can't give you a definite answer now, I think it may be quite a big order. Would you like to visit the factory and talk to the Director General?

B: I'd love to if you could arrange it soon, because I'm leaving Moscow next Saturday.

A: No problem, Mr Bennett.

B: Good. Thank you ever so much.


Task 9. Fill in the missing remarks.

l. A: May I speak to Mr Bell?
B: ___

A: Could I leave a message for him?

2. A: Is this 347-5166?
B: ___

A: This is Buchnev from the Russian University.
B: ___

3. À: ___

B: Sorry. The line is busy.

4. A: Sorry. Mr. Foot is on the line. Will you hold on, please?


5. A:___

B: I will call back later.

6. A: Sorry. Mr. Bradley is not available. Would you like to leave a message?

7. A: Sorry. There is no reply at his number.


8. A: May I have extension 75, please?


A: Well, yes, if it doesn't take too long.

9. A: You've got the wrong number.

A: That is all right.

10. A:___

B: This is 520-4824. But there is no one by the name of Scott here.



Grammar Revision:

· Present Simple

· Present Continuous

Exercise 1. Put the verbs in brackets into the Present Simple Tense .

1. What time ___the banks___ (close) in Britain? 2. I have a car but I (not / use) it very often. 3. “Where ___your father ____(come from)?” “He (come from) Ireland.” 4. “What___ you ___(do)?” “I ____ (be) a personnel manager». 5. He _____(not / approve) your behavior. 6. The swimming bath (open) at 9.00 and _____ (close) at 20.00 every day. 7. “I never ______(complain) of anything. Rita (not / complain) either.” “Oh, but she (do).” 8. Who _____ (come) here most often? 9. Lots of people _____ (enter) this University every year. 10. He usually _____ (get up) early because he _____ (hate) being late to his office.

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