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About the Qalam Center

Why Study at Qalam Wa Lawh?

· Academic standards: Qalam wa Lawh is one of the most known and recognized institutions in Morocco solely dedicated to teaching Arabic as a foreign language. All language courses at Qalam wa Lawh Center adhere to the National Standards set forth by the ACTFL (American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages) in collaboration with the US Department of Education. Qalam wa Lawh works in cooperation with Moulay Ismail University in Meknes and Mohammed V University in Rabat to provide a high quality and rigorous academic program.

· School location: The school is located in Rabat, the capital of Morocco, that hosts a number of important cultural and educational institutions, including the National Library of Morocco, art museums, embassies, cultural centers and offices of international organizations, that may be useful for students’ research and work. The coastal location of Rabat allows the students to combine their studies with beach recreation, and its central position in the country makes all major touristic cities and places equally accessible (4 hours by train to Marrakech, 3 hours to Fes, 4 hours to Tanger)

· Academic credits: Students wishing to receive academic credits for their studies in Qalam wa Lawh are provided with full transcripts and course related details (credits and transcript forms should be pre-agreed by the student with his university in advance).

· Flexibility of programs: Qalam Center’s programs are suitable for students of all levels, they have flexible start dates (every 2 weeks) and duration (from 2 weeks up to a year long course).

· Our teachers: Each classroom is led by an experienced and enthusiastic native speaking Arabic teacher. Our teachers hold advanced degrees in Arabic Literature, Law, or Applied Linguistics. Some of our teachers have held positions as professors of Arabic at distinguished Moroccan Universities.

· Multicultural atmosphere: every month school welcomes new students from all over the world. At our school you will be able to meet interesting people from the same field of study as yours and exchange with them your experience and ideas.

School Highlights

· Founded in 2007

· Receives approx. 800-900 students yearly

· Offers immersion based curriculum as well as evening courses and private lessons

· Small class size (max. 8 students)

· Everyday cultural program

· Free everyday tutoring for every student

· Housed in a beautiful spacious villa with its own tranquil garden

· Bright and spacious classrooms equipped with climate control, multi-media, and Wi-Fi internet

· Student computers with high speed internet access available to use 7 days per week

· School cafeteria serving traditional Moroccan food, snacks and soft drinks

· School library that students can use for free

· Multilingual Student Advisors dedicated to supporting students’ needs and concerns

· Weekend trips to the most interesting and exciting destinations of Morocco

· Housing assistance

· Airport pick-ups and transfers

· 24 Hour support and security assistance

Our students

· We have a very diverse international student body. Approximately half of our students come from North America and other half from Europe and Asia.

· We have students of all ages, but their average age is 20-30 years old

· The majority of them are university students, but we also teach Arabic to a lot of professionals working in international organizations (UN, World Bank, humanitarian organizations, etc.) and embassies (such as Embassy of the USA, Canada, Korea, etc), as well as to people who learn Arabic just for their own pleasure and fun.

· Many of our students choose to return to us to continue their Arabic studies

What does “immersion” mean?

· Students speak Arabic not only in the class with their teacher, but also with friendly school staff, other students and their host families

· Basic language skills and vocabulary can be developed and enriched at workshops, clubs and excursions organized at school every day

· Rich program of studies and cultural activities with strong emphasis on communication will activate student’s speaking skills already in a few days

· Friendly, helpful and joyful atmosphere of school will encourage students to open up and practice their language skills without a fear of making a mistake

· According to what our students say, the efficiency of a month-long “immersion” studying

in Qalam wa Lawh can be compared with a year-long study at their home university

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