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Complete each sentence with two to five words, including the word in bold.

1) “I have a headache,” he said to her.

complainedHe complained of having a headache.

2) “I promise I’ll send you a letter,” Mike said to Julie.

promisedMike …… Julie a letter.

3) “I won’t talk to you if you don’t apologise,” she said to him.

threatenedShe …… to him if he didn’t apologise.

4) “Would you like to dine with us on Sunday?” they said to us.

invitedThey …… to dine on Sunday.

5) “What an unusual design!” said Kate.

exclaimedKate …… an unusual design.

6) “I’m sorry I ‘m late,” he said to her.

forHe …… late.

7) “You must stay for lunch,” she said to me.

onShe …… for lunch.

8) “No, I won’t give you another chance,” Denis said to Sue.

refusedDenis …… another chance.

9) “Let’s look round the museum,” Mum said.

lookingMum …… round the museum.

10) “I didn’t take your purse,” she said.

deniedShe …… my purse.

11) “Don’t forget to switch on the machine,” Dad said to me.

remindedDad …… on the machine.

12) “I read your diary,” she said.

admittedShe…… his diary.

13) “You drank the last can of lemonade,” Jane said to Phil.

ofJane …… the last can of lemonade.

14) “Why don’t we buy a bouquet of flowers for Ann?” Alan said.

shouldAlan …… buy a bouquet of flowers for Ann.

15) “O.K. I’ll stay in the office for a couple of hours,” he said.

agreedHe …… in the office for a couple of hours.

16) “Drop your gun!” the policeman told the man.

orderedThe policeman …… his gun.

17) “Why are you making such a fuss?” Mum asked me.

wasMum wanted to know …… such a fuss.

18) “I’ll give you a lift to the college,” John said to me.

toJohn …… a lift to the college.

19) “I saw who broke into the house,” the woman said.

claimedThe woman ……who broke into the flat.

20) “I don’t suppose you can lend me some money, can you?” Caroline said to me.

whetherCaroline wanted to know …… her some money.


16. Write the sentences in Reported Speech replacing the word said by one of the following words: suggested, agreed, muttered, exclaimed, insisted, whispered, boasted, admitted, advised, claimed, warned, threatened. Use each word once only.

1) “I can speak four languages fluently,” he said.

2) “Let’s go to the exhibition of modern art today,” he said.

3) “I don’t think you should take up wind-surfing at your age,” she said to him.

4) “That computer you are using is my property,” the man said.

5) “Yes, I broke the windows with the ball,” the boy said.

6) “If I catch you cheating again, I shall make you stay in after school,” the man said to the boy.

7) “I shall always love you,” said a young man.

8) “The police have already thrown a cordon round the bank and all the means of escape had been cut off,” he said to the thieves.

9) “The professor doesn’t know what he is talking about,” said the student.

10) “Well, it’s a great surprise to meet you here today!” she said.

11) “Well, yes, if everything goes on like this, we can’t go,” he said.

12) “If you can’t stay with us any longer today, you simply must come tomorrow,” she said.

Complete the sentences with say or tell (in the correct form). Use only one word each time.

1) Ann …… goodbye to me and left.

2) …… us about your holiday. Did you have a nice time?

3) Don’t just stand there! …… something!

4) I wonder where Sue is. She …… she would be here at 8 o’clock.

5) Jack …… me that he was fed up with his job.

6) The doctor …… that I should rest for at least a week.

7) She always ...… me her troubles.

8) Did she …… you what happened? – No, she didn’t …… anything to me.

9) George couldn’t help me. He …… me to ask Kate.

10) I did it. I cannot ..… a lie.


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