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Use an appropriate introductory verb to report the following.

1) “It wasn’t me who stole the car,” said Frank.

2) “May I have a piece of pie, please?” she said.

3) “Yes, OK. I’ll tell him about the accident,” he said.

4) “I must have the report by tomorrow,” the boss said.

5) “Please, please let me go to the party,” Jim asked his mother.

6) “I’ll never be naughty again,” Ted told his father.

7) “Stand up straight!” said the sergeant to the soldier.

8) “Yes, it was me who robbed the bank,” he said.

9) “I didn’t come to work because I was ill,” she said to her boss.

10) “Let’s play chess,” he said.

11) “I’m sorry I forgot to phone you,” he said to her.

12) “Don’t forget to go to the bank,” she said to him.

13) “You should relax more,” she said to her.

14) “Mark is always shouting at me,” she said.

15) “Yes, it is a nice dress,” he said.

16) “Shall I carry your bag, Tracy?” he said.

17) “No, I certainly won’t do your homework, Graham,” said Bill.

18) “You scratched my record,” she said to her friend.

19) “Leave now or I’ll phone the police,” she said to the salesman.

20) “Oh, alright, I’ll lend you my car, Tom,” she said.

21) “It’s true, I killed my wife,” he said.

22) “I’ll phone you as soon as I arrive,” she said to me.

23) “You’re right, she is beautiful,” she said.

24) “No, I won’t marry you, John,” she said.

25) “If you try to escape, I’ll shoot you,” he said to the prisoner.

26) “Why don’t we have chicken for dinner,” he said.

27) “You must sign the contract, Mr Harrison,” she said.

28) “I’ll punish you if you do it again,” he said to the boy.

29) “Would you like me to show you how to use this computer?” she said to me.

30) “Yes, it’s a good idea,” he said.


Supply the correct forms of the verbs.

One morning a farmer met a boy and asked him if the latter wanted a job. The boy (1) (answer) that he (2) (do). The farmer (3) (want) (4) (know) if the boy (5) (can) (6) (give) him a good character. The boy said that he (7) (can) and (8) (add) that it (9) (be) from Mr Tolan, the shopkeeper, his previous master.

The farmer agreed. The farmer told the boy (10) (go) and (11) (ask) Mr Tolan (12) (come) there and (13) (speak) to him. He said that he (14) (wait) there for some time. Twenty minutes passed and then forty minutes passed, but Mr Tolan didn’t come.

Later in the afternoon the farmer saw the boy again and he said that Mr Tolan (15) (not come) with the boy’s character. The boy (16) (not be) surprised to hear it. He said he (17) (not ask) Mr Tolan to come there.

The farmer asked why the boy (18) (not do) it. The boy (19) (answer) that he (20) (tell) his old master who (21) (want) the character. The farmer didn’t understand. Then the boy (22) (explain) that his old master (23) (tell) him the character of the farmer.



Cross out the unnecessary word.

1) Our friends told us that we had better to put the job off till the next day.

2) Dave asked Tony where he was being going for his holidays.

3) They asked me if I would like to sell my old car and I said I would so.

4) John suggested that they should to drive to the coast.

5) Julie told to her husband that the doctor had arrived.

6) The man wanted to know if where the nearest fast food restaurant was.

7) Polly promised that to participate in the concert at the end of term.

8) The teacher told us do not to make any noise.

9) Simon asked me that if I knew the woman whose house had been burgled the week before.

10) He insisted on that we should tell the truth about the incident.


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