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Choose the job that matches the definition

Jobs and Professions Activities

Vocabulary Game: ABC Jobs

1. Divide the class into groups of 34. Tell students to write the alphabet on a piece of paper (as a list).

It is difficult to think of names for jobs beginning with the letters Q, V, X, Y or Z.

2. Each group has to think of a job for each letter of the alphabet. Set a time limit (10 minutes) or stop after a group has found jobs for all the letters.

3. Check answers by asking learners from each group to write up the jobs on the board. The winners are the groups with the most jobs for different letters.


Can you find a JOB for each letter of the alphabet?



Suggested answers:

A accountant, astronaut, actor, actress, artist, author, architect, ambulance driver, assistant, athlete, air steward, air hostess, archaeologist, astronomer, attorney, announcer

B businessman/woman, bus driver, beautician, baker, butcher, builder, bricklayer, barman, barmaid, banker, bank teller, barber, broker, blacksmith, burglar, beekeeper, biologist, bookseller, bookmaker, ballet dancer, bodyguard, barrister, boss, baby sitter

Ccook, clown, carpenter, computer engineer, computer operator/programmer, chauffeur, chef, clerk, coach, civil servant, caretaker, craftsman, criminal, clergyman, caretaker, chemist, cameraman, cashier, conductor, compositor, cleaner

D dentist, doctor, dancer, director, driver, designer, decorator, dustman, dressmaker, dietician, diplomat

E engineer, editor, economist, electrician, entertainer, executive

F farmer, fireman/woman, firefighter, footballer, film star, film director, fisherman, fishmonger,flight attendant, florist

G gardener, geologist, garbageman, greengrocer, guard

H hairdresser, helicopter pilot, head teacher, historian, house painter, housewife, homemaker

Iinterpreter, instructor, ice- cream maker

Jjournalist, judge, jurist, jeweler, janitor

K king, knitter

L lorry driver, lawyer, librarian, lecturer, locksmith, lumberjack, labourer

M mechanic, model, magician, musician, manager, miner, mathematician, mountaineer, milkman

N nurse, news reader, notary

O office worker, optician

P painter, photographer, pilot, policeman/woman, pharmacist, poet, politician, postman, printer, professor, plumber, priest, porter, public prosecutor, physician, physicist, philosopher, playwright, presenter, programmer, president, publisher, pianist

Q queen

Rreporter, receptionist, refuse collector

S secretary, singer, sailor, soldier, seaman, salesman/woman, shop assistant, shopkeeper, shoemaker, surgeon, solicitor, scientist, schoolmaster, schoolmistress, student, sculptor, sportsman, steward, stewardess

Tteacher, tennis player, taxi driver, tailor, technician, telephone operator, travel agent, translator, typist, typewriter, turner, TV presenter, ticket-inspector

U university teacher, undertaker

V veterinarian/vet

W worker, writer, waiter, waitress, watchmaker, watchman, webpage designer, window cleaner, warder, weaver

Xx-ray technician

Y -

Zzoologist, zookeeper


Job Alphabetical quiz

Choose the job that matches the definition

Actor Interpreter Queen

Baker Journalist Reporter

Cook Knitter Surgeon

Driver Librarian Teacher

Engineer Manager Undertaker

Farmer Nurse Veterinarian

Gardener Office worker Waiter

Hairdresser Policeman Zookeeper


1. a person who serves food and drink at the tables in a restaurant

2. a person trained in any branch of the profession of engineering

3. a person whose business is to knit clothes

4. a person who write about news events for a newspaper

5. a person who works in or takes care of a garden

6. a person who is the official ruler or head of state, especially a female one

7. a person who changes spoken words from one language into another

8. a person whose occupation is journalism

9. a person whose business is cutting, curling and colouring hair

10. a person who works with lots of different books

11. a person whose job is to treat animals

12. a person who rules and manages a farm a person who drives a car

13. a person who looks after and helps ill people

14. a person who works in an office

15. a person who directs or manages an organization, industry, shop

16. a medical person who operates people

17. a person who works in a Zoo

18. a person who works at a police station

19. a person whose business is to make or sell bread, cakes

20. a person who acts in a play, film, broadcast

21. a person whose job is to teach children

22. a person who drives a car

23. a person who prepares food for eating

24. a person whose profession is the preparation of the dead for burial or cremation and the management of funerals

Answers:1. waiter; 2. engineer; 3. knitter; 4. reporter; 5. gardener; 6. queen; 7. interpreter; 8. journalist; 9. hairdresser; 10. librarian; 11. vet; 12. farmer; 13. nurse; 14. office worker; 15. manager; 16. surgeon; 17. zookeeper; 18. policeman; 19. baker; 20. actor; 21. teacher; 22. driver; 23. cook; 24. undertaker

What job is this?

Unscramble the job words below:

1. iloamecpn

2. aspnotm

3. eracteh

4. nregenei

5. rtodco

6. nreus

7. entstdi

8. tdxriiearv

9. teiawr

10. eirtrhfgief

Answers: 1. policeman; 2. postman; 3. teacher; 4. engineer; 5. doctor; 6. nurse; 7. dentist; 8. taxi driver; 9. waiter; 10. firefighter



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