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I Session




  1. Oleg Airapetov (Russia), "October 1915: Russia and Bulgarian entrance to the war"
  2. Efpraxia S. PASCHALIDOU (Greece): "Defending neutrality all through 1915; an account of Hellenic dilemmas and policies”
  3. Dimitre Minchev, (Bulgaria): "The Hot Bulgarian Summer 1915"
  4. Ciro Paoletti (Italy): "Logistics dictates: how logistics dictated the reasons and the schedule of Italian neutrality and involvement in World War I, July 1914-May 1915"
  5. Ilkka Tapio Seppinen (Finland): "Finland 1915: A Nation did not know, that it was preparing for a Civil War"

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II Session


  1. John Peaty (UK) : "The Sinai campaign: the attack on the Suez Canal 1915"
  2. Krzysztof Kubiak (Poland) : "Cautious Waiting - Campaign 1915 in the Baltic Sea"
  3. M. Christian Ortner (Austria) : "Austro-Hungarian Army in 1915"
  4. Dalibor Denda (Serbia) : "Serbian Army in 1915"
  5. Aleksandar Životić (Serbia) : "Debates on the Serbian Defense of Macedonia in 1915"



III Session


  1. Ljubinka Trgovčević-Mitrović (Serbia) : "Serbian Artists and Intellectuals in War 1915"
  2. Vladimir Huzjan (Croatia) : "About interned population of Srijem region in Varaždin during The Great War 1915"
  3. Julia Walleczek-Fritz (Austria) : "Russian and Serbian POWs and the Beginnings of the Southwestern front in 1915"
  4. Vijoleta Herman Kaurić–Ljiljana Dobrovšak (Croatia) : " Life in Croatia in 1915"
  5. Snezhana Radoeva (Bulgaria) : "Bulgaria and Serbia in the reports of Colonel Laxa, September - November 1915"
  6. Milan Gulić (Serbia) : "Dalmatia in 1915"

Wednesday, 4 November 2015


Staff Ride


Thursday, 5 November 2015


IV Session

09.00 – 10.20


  1. Vasily KASHIRIN (Russia) : " 'The devil isn’t so black as he is painted': The problem of the Russian High Command’s knowledge and assessment of the enemy plans in the Balkan autumn campaign of 1915"
  2. Aleksey Timofejev (Serbia), "Russian strategic and tactical purposes on the Balkans in 1915"
  3. Yaroslav Vishnyakov (Russia), "Serbian 'Golgotha' in the eyes of G.N. Trubetskoy and V.A. Artamonov"
  4. Biljana Stojić (Serbia), "French military missions in Serbia during 1915"

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V Session

10.40 – 12.40

  1. Christian Stachelbeck (Germany), "11th Bavarian Infantry Division in the Battle of Gorlice-Tarnów"
  2. Flavio Carbone (Italy), "The Royal Carabinieri during the First World War: myth and reality"
  3. Konstantin Semenov (Russia), "Allah’s Riders: Combat Operations of the Caucasian Native Mounted Division in the Carpathians in January-March 1915"
  4. Stancho Stanchev, Zlatko Ivanov (Bulgaria), "Bulgarian combat experiences from the offensive operations against Serbia in 1915"
  5. Dunja Dobaja, Vladimir Prebilič, Damjan Guštin, (Slovenia) "Slovenians during the Great War: before and after Italian declaration of war on Austria – Hungary in 1915"
  6. Ferenc Pollmann (Hungary), "The fall of Belgrade 1915 – seen from the North"



VI Session

14.10 – 16.10

  1. Danilo Šarenac (Serbia), "Minority Combatants as a Part of Belgrade Defense Forces 1915"
  2. Branko Ostajmer (Croatia), "Trials against Serbs from Srijem held 1915 in Croatia-Slavonia"
  3. Miljan Milkić (Serbia), "From Ottoman Vasals to Serbian Soldiers: Muslim Population in Serbian Army 1914-1915"
  4. Miloslav ČAPLOVIČ, Peter CHORVÁT (Slovakia), "Czechs and Slovaks in Serbian Volunteer Forces (1915 – 1916)"
  5. Aleksandra Kolaković (Serbia), "War and Propaganda in 1915: French Intellectuals and Actualization of the Serbian Issues"
  6. Barbara Ahammer (Austria), "Propaganda in WWI"
  7. Samir CHEMI (Tunisia), "Serbian memorials and cemeteries in Tunisia, 1915-2015"

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Friday, 6 November 2015

Departure of Participants


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