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Pound;3 Paragraph Writing

Write a response to oneof the following topics. Include at least six to eight vocabulary words

in your paragraph.

1. The following principles are listed on the Procter & Gamble website. These principles
indicate the philosophy of the company toward its labor force and its customers. Write a
paragraph explaining what is meant by these principles, giving examples of what you think
each one means.

• We Show Respect for All Individuals

• The Interests of the Company and the Individual Are Inseparable

• We Are Strategically Focused in Our Work

• Innovation Is the Cornerstone of Our Success

• We Are Externally Focused

• We Value Personal Mastery

• We Seek to Be the Best

• Mutual Interdependency Is a Way of Life


2. Write a paragraph about a personal experience in the workplace. This experience could range
from an after-school job in a fast-food restaurant to a well-paid professional position.
Describe the different tasks you had to perform in your job, the positive and negative aspects
of the position, and the approximate period of time that you were employed there.

8. Speaking

u Group Presentations: Researching Procter & Gamble

Each member of the group should research one aspect of Procter & Gamble by consulting the company website at http://www.pg.com. Possible topics are as follows:

• products

• P&G history

• careers

• worldwide operations

Chapter 7 • Business 77

• awards

• purpose, values, and principles

Each member should give a short oral presentation on the chosen topic to the other members of the group, summarizing the main points. Using the information provided by these reports, the group members should state whether they would be interested in working for Procter & Gamble, addressing such issues as location, job description, career prospects, and company values.

Alternatively, you may choose another company that is well known to members of your group and follow the same format for your research and presentation.

Using new vocabulary words from this chapter, act out the following role-plays.

1. You have an interview for a managerial job at Procter & Gamble. You have prepared for the interview by checking out P&G's website, and you have many questions to ask the interviewer about the philosophy of the company, promotion prospects, overseas assignments, annual salary ranges, professional responsibilities, and company benefits. Role-play the interview, trying to find out as much specific information as possible from the P&G interviewer.

2. You have recently accepted a new job in a multinational corporation that has a strict dress code. You have to buy some new clothes to fit the image of your new job, but you are uncertain what kinds of items to purchase. You are also considering getting a new professional-looking hairstyle. Ask your best friend for advice about the style and color of the clothes you should buy and what type of hairstyle might be appropriate for you.

I http://www.college.hmco.com/esl/students

For more activities related to this chapter, go to the Essential Academic Vocabularywebsite.










Noun Verb Adjective Adverb Conjunction]
code attribute adult hence plus
contrast communicate apparent    
cycle concentrate ethical    
emergence exclude global    
goal imply internal    
instance project overall    
label specify physical    
niedia (pi.) target principal    



status technology

Chapter 8 • Marketing


4. Are there some products that should not be promoted through advertisements—for instance, alcohol, cigarettes, unhealthy food items, or personal hygiene items? Why do you think so? 5. Do you believe that cigarette advertisements are responsible for increasing the number of people who smoke? Are the addiction to smoking and any subsequent health problems the responsibility of the individual or the manufacturer? 6. Why do you think cigarettes continue to be advertised despite current knowledge about their unhealthy effects?


1. What are the effects of advertising on your buying habits? Do you sometimes buy products because you have seen them advertised? What kinds of products might you buy as a result of advertising?

2. What age group do you think is most influenced by advertisements?

3. Which medijm do you think is the most effective for advertising: television, radio, newspapers, magazines, the Internet, or billboards? Give reasons for your opinion.


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