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C1 Lesson 22 Printout

Task 1. Mr. Smith is taking his road test. Listen to his conversation with an instructor and choose the right answer to each quetion:

1. Where has the man been practicing for his road test this past week?
A. at a driving school
B. on streets around town
C. at home


2. In what part of town do they begin the road test?
A. in a commercial area
B. in a residential district
C. in a school zone

3. What was the situation with the vehicle in front of them?
A. Mr. Smith is following too closely.
B. The driver of the other car is tailgating them.
C. The car ahead of them is driving below the speed limit.

4. What did Mr. Smith almost hit in the road?
A. another vehicle
B. a person
C. a street sign

5. What does the driving officer suggest Mr. Smith do at the end of the conversation?
A. He should come back on Friday to take the test.
B. He had better take more driving lessons before trying the test again.
C. He ought to take the test with another driving officer


Task 2. Match the vocabulary items on the right with appropriate sentences on the left:


Task 3. Listen to a conversation between a policeman and a driver who was pulled over. Answer the questions:

1. What law did the driver break in the school zone?
A. He didn't yield to children crossing the road.
B. He parked illegally near the school.
C. He exceeded the speed limit.


2. What happened at the intersection?
A. The driver didn't use his turn signals.
B. The driver didn't come to a complete stop.
C. The driver failed to yield to other drivers.

3. What does the police officer tell the man about his driver's license?
A. The license is no longer valid.
B. The driver is using someone else's license.
C. The license is only good for 6 more months.

4. What can be implied from the driver's conversation about the officer's name?
A. The driver plans to report the officer to his superiors.
B. The driver tells the officer that they have met before.
C. The driver hints that the officer could let him off.

5. What happens at the end of the conversation?
A. The driver gets a ticket.
B. The officer arrests the driver.
C. The driver is taken to court.


Task 4. Listen to it once again and complete the gaps:

- Okay. May I see your driver's license please?

- What? Did I do anything wrong?

- License, please. And your car (1).

- Oh, yeah. It's here somewhere in the glove compartment. Yeah, here it is.

- Sir, did you realize you were (2) in a school zone?

- What? No, I didn't, but that's probably because my (3) is broken, I mean, malfunctioning.

- Yes, you were going 50 miles per hour in a 20 miles per hour zone. And [What?] AND, you failed to come to a complete stop at the (4) back there.

- Rolling stops don't count?

- And, one of your break lights is out, [Huh?], you're not wearing a seat belt, AND your driver's license (5) six months ago.

- And your name is . . . . Officer Smith? Hey, are you (6) to the Smiths in town? My wife's cousin's husband (I think his name is Fred) works for the police department here. Or was that the (7) department. Anyway, I thought you might be good pals, and you know . . .

- Hey, are you trying to (8) an officer? I could have this car impounded right now because of these(9).

- No, of course not.

- Okay, then. Here's your ticket. You can either appear in court to pay the (10) or mail it in. Have a nice day.

- Do you take cash?



Task 1. Rewrite each sentence using the words in brackets:

1. There are no circumstances where audience members may consume alcohol. (Under no circumstances)


2. Nobody has won so many matches for his team since 1994. (Not since)


3. We won't consider you for the basketball team until you grow up. (Not until)


4. The gang didn't know that the police had them under surveillance. (Little)


5. You can't use my car at any time. (At no time)


6. They started to argue soon after they had gotten married. (No sooner)



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