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They say: ďA person has just one true friendĒ. What do you think about this?


Lets talk about friendship and relationship with friends. What role do friends play in your life?

To begin with Iíd like to stress that friendship is very important for me. In my opinion, friends make life interesting and enjoyable.

To my mind, a friend is one of the nicest things you can have and one of the best things you can be. It is very important to have people who always believe in you and support you. I think Iím a lucky person because I can trust my friends , I can share with them anything and Iím sure they will never give away my secrets and will never let me down, or betray me. I appreciate my friendsí advice .Of course sometimes we donít see eye to eye on some things and even quarrel or fall out but we make up in no time because we need each other. They say friendship grows when people have something in common. We enjoy spending time together, we discuss our classes, classmates and different events at school, we go to parties, discos, concerts together or just hang about the town and of course you can have more fun when you are with a friend than when you are on your own. If you have friends, you never feel lonely.

On the other hand, ďA friend in need is a friend indeedĒ . My friends always help , support ,me when Iím in trouble. They are always by my side when I need it. They do their best, to comfort, to cheer me up when Iím upset about something. To sum it up Iíd like to say that friendship is a priceless gift.

Can you rely on your best friend? Why?

Everyone knows the proverb ďA friend in need is a friend indeedĒ Ė according to the old saying a good friend should always help us in difficulties, cheer us up and raise our spirits when we are down, troubled or when nothing is going right. Trust is the most important aspect of any relationship. I believe I can trust my best friend and rely on him/ her. I`m sure my friend will never let me down or share my secrets with somebody else.

What questions do you usually ask when you get acquainted with someone?

The questions may be like these:

1) Where are you from?

2) Where do you study?

3) What is your hobby?

4) What is your favourite writer?

5) How do you usually spend your holidays?


What can you advise a teenager who has no friends?

Frankly speaking itís not a usual case. Probably, a person with such problems needs advice on behalf of a psychologist. But if someone asks me to help, I would say you should take up a hobby, for example, play such team games as volley-ball , basketball , football or hockey so that you could make some friends with the members of your team. You should take part in after-class activities such as concerts, competitions, parties. Throw a party and invite your classmates to it. Try to be polite and friendly. Donít be afraid to talk to people, ask them about their interests, offer them help when they are in trouble. You should smile, look people in the eyes when you communicate with people.

They say: ďA person has just one true friendĒ. What do you think about this?

In my opinion it is possible to have more than one true friend. I think a person can have two or three true friends and be on good terms with many people. But at the same time I think it isnít possible to have too many true friends because to be real friends, people must spend a lot of time together, discuss each otherís problems, help each other so you wonít have enough time and energy to keep up friendship with too many people.

As for friends in Contact I don`t think they are real friends because some of them you have never met, and sometimes you havenít even talked to some of them, they are just people with whom you want to share pictures, quotes, clips, jokes, music and so on. So you can have a lot of friends in Contact but this doesnít mean that you are a sociable person.

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