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YouTube EducationUSA Belarus Community College Opportunities in the U.S.

EducationUSA 5-week Intensive Undergraduate Application Workshop

Applying to a U.S. university for an undergraduate program can be a long and complicated process. You are required to take standardized exams (TOEFL/IELTS, SAT/ACT), identify sources of funding, get recommendation letters and write essays. Most importantly, you have to select a program that meets your academic experience and goals, which can be a challenge by itself since there are nearly 4,000 accredited higher education institutions to choose from!


EducationUSA Advisers in Russia invite students to participate in the Coursea online course with the University of Pennsylvania Applying to U.S. Universities. In addition to the online meetings with Erick Hyde from the University of Pennsylvania, participants will also have weekly meetings with EducationUSA Advisers at an EducationUSA Advising Center or online via Google Hangouts. EducationUSA Advisers will hold meetings once a week, following the online sessions, to review the course materials and discuss questions specific to Russian students.


The workshop is open to current high school students or recent graduates who are interested in applying to an undergraduate degree program in the U.S., and is required for all students who are interested in applying for Opportunity Funds. Students must contact an EducationUSA Adviser by March 15, 2014 to register.

To register for the intensive application workshop:

By March 15, complete the registration form, indicating your level, meeting preference and time zone. You must also register online for the Applying to U.S. Universities course with Coursera.


Workshop Syllabus:

Week 1 (March 17-21): Understanding the U.S. Admissions Process


  • Your 5 Steps to U.S. Study: Step 1 Define Your Priorities

YouTube EducationUSA Belarus: ? and Community College + 4-year Institution = Success!

  • EdUSA Connects Session: Public vs. Private Institutions with Marjorie Smith, University of Denver.
  • EDUSA Connects How Undergraduate Admissions Decisions Are Made with Cat Young, Associate Director for International Admissions, State University of New York at Plattsburgh

Homework: Complete the Define Your Priorities worksheet and email to your EducationUSA Adviser.


Week 2 (March 24-28) Researching Yourself


  • Your 5 Steps to U.S. Study: Step 1 Research and Narrow Your Choices and Make a Short List of Your Top Choices
  • EDUSA Connects Sessions Choosing the Right Undergraduate Program with Monica Jacobe, The College of New Jersey

YouTube EducationUSA Belarus Community College Opportunities in the U.S.

  • YouTube EducationUSA TV Apply and Be Admitted

Homework: Complete the Self Assessment for Undergraduate Studies with university list consisting of 6 schools2 reach, 2 comfort, 2 safety.


Week 3 (March 31-April 4): Researching Universities and Creating a Plan - Identifying Sources of Financial Aid


  • Your 5 Steps to U.S. Study: Step 3 Finance Your Studies
  • EDUSA Connects Session: Financial Aid for International Students

Homework:Identify 3 colleges and universities that offer full financial aid to international students and make a list of the application requirements. Be prepared to discuss with your EducationUSA Adviser.


Week 4 (April 7-11): The Application Process and Pieces


  • YouTube The Common Application Tutorial
  • Ask An Adviser Blogspot: Revealing the New Common Application (Part 1)
  • Ask An Adviser Blogspot: Revealing the New Common Application (Part 2)
  • EDUSA Connects Admissions Strategies with Janine Farhat, The College Board
  • YouTube EducationUSA Czech Republic Gaining a Letter of Recommendation
  • (For your teachers) Vanderbilt University: Insiders Guide to Writing a Great Recommendation Letter

Homework:Create an account, register in the Common Application system and begin completing the information. Prepare questions for discussion with your EducationUSA Adviser.


Week 5 (April 21-25): Writing Winning Admissions Essays


  • YouTube Boston University: How to Write a College Application Essay that Stands Out
  • John Hopkins Undergraduate Admissions: Essays that Worked
  • YouTube EducationUSA Russia Undergraduate Admissions Essay

Homework: Brainstorm concise plans for 2-3 personal statements, each with a different focus. Write a draft of a complete 500-word personal statement.


Students who complete this course could be eligible to apply for Opportunity Funds, join an EducationUSA Competitive College Club and/or receive additional assistance with their applications. Participation does not guarantee admission to an undergraduate program in the U.S.


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