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The problems of taking drugs, smoking and drinking

Always we hear words: «young people are our future». But very often we lose our talented promising young people through the bad habits: taking drugs, smoking cigarettes, drinking spirits.

These problems affect everyone around the world. A new survey shows that these problems are growing in the world. Many teenagers in age from 10 to 18 try and abuse a cannabis or pot. The scientists warn that cannabis is a gateway to harder drugs: cocaine, Ecstasy, heroin, hallucinogenic drugs - LSD and other illegal drugs which ruin their health and state of mind.

Many teenagers try drugs as a dare to show their friends that they are not scared. The third part of drug-users doesn’t know why they use them. Also all users are sure that they can stop using drugs if they thought they were getting addicted. However we have a grim statistic - the numbers of hard drugs victims are growing.

Also serious problem is sniffing glue, gas, aerosols or other solvents among pupils.

The nicotine is not hard drugs but smoking is very dangerous and causes heart diseases and lung cancer. By the way the people are addicted very easy to this habit but it's not so easy to stop smoking.


The scientists report that drinking can be beneficial – preventing, heart attacks and helping control insulin in diabetics. But only in cases if the people drink a little! If the people abuse spirits it can cause cancer of the digestive tract, affect liver, kidneys, other important organs of the human body. Especially dangerous and harmful is drinking for pregnant women - spirits abusing could harm the brain of their unborn baby.

Date: 2015-04-20; view: 1519

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