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V. Causes of Stress at Work.

google_protectAndRun("render_ads.js::google_render_ad", google_handleError, google_render_ad); Stress at work' has two separate meanings. The first refers to stress experienced by many people in the workplace. The second meaning is a reference to the fact that stress is working on you, which can be unpleasant.

The two meanings have an intertwined relationship. Stress suffered at work can result in damage to your physical and mental health, which in turn can cause further stress. In order to find a solution, you need to look at the underlying problem.

Job-related stress can be extremely difficult to avoid. It is not unusual to face unrealistic deadlines, often without the required resources, or for the company to work towards goals that don’t sit well with your personal values. Many workplaces can be fun, but there are many others that are highly stressful environments.

It’s also not unusual to have to deal with an unfair manager or unhelpful co-worker. Often, those in management positions have been promoted when they don’t have the knowledge or skills to lead a team. Once they are in that position, they are more concerned with ‘getting in’ with their superior than what they are with giving their team direction and guidance.

When people are asked what causes them stress, they usually reply that either unfair managers or mis-directed goals are the cause. They are forced to work in ways that make them feel that they don’t have any control.

And it’s not that these people are unable to solve problems.

Working mothers are adept at time management and multi-tasking, as they are required to use these skills at home. They can also usually settle arguments between people, even when no-one is completely right or wrong.

Men are usually good at listening and responding to complaints. They often know when to fight for something, and when to compromise.

However, at work most people are not given the freedom to use their skills to better the workplace. Most company goals come from high up managers, and leave no room for debate or initiative. People in these situations are forced to work on projects that they have no authority to make better, and are unable to voice their ideas, which often results in stress.

Most stress in the workplace comes from this problem – being given a project to complete, within a certain timeframe, without the resources necessary to get the job done. When the “I must” (deadline) begins getting competition from “I can’t” (lack of resources), then stress is usually the result. Of course, deadlines do get met, but normally because people sacrifice their personal time to complete the project.

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