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IV. Manage Stress Living Together with Your Partner

Living with someone you have a close relationship with, whether a spouse or partner can lead to stress. It is important to remember that situations that do arise do not have to lead to stress though. Racing the problems together, rather than working against one another, will go a long way to reducing stress levels.

When you begin to feel that I must and I cant begin to interact, stress can result. People often feel that there is something that they must do, but for whatever reason, they cannot achieve their goal.

When you live with someone, problems are bound to arise occasionally, as each person has their own set of beliefs and values, along with their own interests and ways of dealing with different situations. Some people hate to fight, while others crave a good argument occasionally. Some people tackle problems as soon as they arise, while others prefer to ignore, or push them aside.

Living with someone, and combining their values with yours to tackle situations can be difficult. However, stress usually only results when one or both parties are not willing to look at the issue realistically, discuss the problem, or compromise.

In some situations, the only way to resolve the conflict is to separate. However, in most cases, problems can be fixed before they get to that point. If you feel that the relationship is something worth saving, then there are several things that can be done to reduce stress.

The title of acute stress is actually a little misleading. In most cases, acute stress only occurs over a short period, and recedes as soon as the situation is resolved. Its almost inevitable that at some stage during a relationship, there will be an occurrence of acute stress though. Health concerns, money worries, relationship expectations they can all lead to episodes of stress.

Surprisingly, acute stress isnt generally harmful. As soon as a solution is found, stress fades and life continues on. However, chronic stress stress that spans a long period can be harmful. Chronic stress tends to occur when a series of situations occur, and people feel that they are not equipped to deal with the problems.

There is a way to stop stress from occurring though. You simply need to realize that there are always options. They may not be the options you originally wanted to take, but except for in the rarest of circumstances, any problem can be overcome.

It is unlikely that any change you have to make when it comes to child rearing is going to define the child. Money troubles usually dont last forever, and working together can help to cement your relationship. In most cases, health issues are things that can be overcome. For every situation, there is normally a way out. It may mean changing your lifestyle or your goals, but there are always options.

To reduce the stress often found in relationships, it possible to implement stress relieving techniques. Looking at each situation realistically and communicating with your partner are a great start.

This can also lead you to see that the person who can help you the most is there by your side.


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