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Use Past Simple or Past Continuous.

Use Past Simple or Past Continuous.

1. I (to feed) my cat with fish yesterday. 2. What you (to do) at four o'clock yesterday? I (to feed) my cat. 3. What your brother (to do) yesterday? -He (to play) computer games. 4. I (to begin) repairing my camera at six o'clock yesterday. 5. At five o'clock yesterday Helen (to cook) soup. 6. We (to play) badminton from nine till eleven yesterday. 7. Kate (not to go) for a walk yesterday. She (to write) a composition the whole day yesterday. 8. When your father (to come) home yesterday? He (to come) home at seven o'clock. 9. When my father (to come) home yesterday, my mother (to make) supper. 10. We (not to go) on a tramp last summer. 11. What you (to do) when your sister (to come) home yesterday? 12. You (to have) supper at nine o'clock yesterday? 13. He (not to go) to the shop yesterday. 14. Nick (to go) to bed at ten o'clock yesterday. 15. Rick (to sleep) at eleven o'clock yesterday. 16. When we (to play) in the yard yesterday, it suddenly (to start) raining heavily. 17. I (to see) Mike when he (to cross) the street. 18. He (to begin) repairing his bicycle in the morning yesterday. 19. He (to repair) his bicycle the whole day yesterday. 20. He (to finish) repairing his bicycle in the evening yesterday.

Use Past Simple or Past Continuous.

1. They (to meet) at the station two hours ago. 2. Where you (to spend) last Sunday? 3. We (to be) in a hurry because only twenty minutes (to be) left before the beginning of the performance. 4. I (to play) the violin when my friend (to come) in. He (to invite) me to the theatre and I (to accept) the invitation with pleasure. 5. He (to ring) up his friend and (to ask) him about the homework. 6. When I (to come) to the theatre, my friend already (to wait) for me. 7. Last Sunday we (to go) skiing in the country. There (to be) already a lot of snow in the fields and we (to enjoy) ourselves. We (to ski) for two hours and a half.


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