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Match the words

1) Have a) up/dressed 9) to be addicted to a) an electricity

2) Go b)school uniform 10) a slice b) salad

3) Do c)football 11) carrot c) The Internet

4) Get d) TV/ a film 12) a whole d) a company

5) Wear e) to music 13) healthy e) of bread

6) Watch f) to school/to sleep 14) to choose f) cake

7) Play g) breakfast/lunch 15) to join g) pizza

8) Listen h) sport/homework 16) to invent h) what to order


2. Use a correct tense


1.My sister__________(play) computer games yesterday.

2.Right now I (watch) _____________ a movie. I (watch) _______ a lot of movies.

3.The Smiths _________(travel) to London last year.

4.Rickie (be) _______ my friend. We (like) _______ to talk together. Right now we (talk) ______________ about school.

5.My brother_________(forget) his mp3 player at home.

6.We _________(eat) fish and chips for dinner yesterday.

7.Jonas (sing) ________ in the band on Saturdays, and Veda (play) _______ the guitar.

8.My uncle (live) _______ in Tennessee. I (live) _______ in North Carolina.

  1. We (read) _______ the newspaper every morning.


3. Write words near the pictures.


4. Correct the mistakes.

1) Our hotel were not near the beach.

2) I were in Italy last summer.

3) He did not forgot his suitcase on the train.

4) My parents was on holiday in June.


5. Put the word in the correct degree of comparison.

1. They say Chinese is one of _________ (difficult) languages to learn.

2. Speak _________ (loud). I canít hear you.

3. That was _________(bad) thing you could have told her.

4. He is one of _________ (rich) men on earth.

5. He is (happy) than his friend.

6. Which country is _________(big): Canada or the USA?

7. You have to learn to be _________(careful).


6. Use the correct article.

Our neighbors have ____ cat and ____ dog.

Please give me ____ cake that is on the counter.

I bought ____ umbrella to go out in the rain.

Miss Lin speaks ____ Chinese.

I bought apple. apples is red.



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