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1. Make sure that you remember the following words and expressions:

battery; mayhem, cause/create/wreak ~; manslaughter, to admit/deny ~; negligence, criminal negligence, to sue (sb) for negligence; mercy (syn. euthanasia); maim, disfigurement, disfigured, disfiguring; statutory rape; subservient, subservient to, subservient role/position; embezzle, embezzler, embezzlement; forgery, to counterfeit, to counterfeit currency/money/goods/software, accessory after the fact; a fence

2. Match the words in Column A with their definitions in Column B. Make up your own sentences with these words.

  1. battery
a.the crime of stealing money from the place where you work, especially over a long period of time
  1. mayhem
b.when someone is killed to stop them from suffering
  1. manslaughter
c.the crime of copying official documents, money etc
  1. negligence
d.someone who buys and sells stolen goods
  1. mercy
e.the crime of having sex with someone who is younger than a particular age
  1. maim
f.the crime of hitting someone
  1. disfigurement
g.to copy something exactly in order to deceive people
  1. statutory rape
h.with the deliberate intention of doing something that is against the law
  1. subservient
i.careless, so that you or other people are in danger
  1. embezzlement
j.to wound or injure someone very seriously and often permanently
  1. forgery
k.always obeying another person and doing everything they want you to do - used when someone seems too weak and powerless
  1. to counterfeit
l.law the crime of killing someone illegally but not deliberately
  1. fence
m.to spoil the appearance that something naturally has
  1. malice
n.an extremely confused situation in which people are very frightened or excited



3. Match the words in Column A with the words in Column to make up possible word combinations.

1.forgery of a.rape
2.disfigured b.killing
3.aggravated c.mayhem
4.accessory d.manslaughter
5.criminal e.money
6.counterfeit f.official documents
7.a mercy g.negligence
8.to plead guilty to h.face
9.statutory i.after the fact
10.complete j.battery

4. Choose the word that best completes the sentence and insert it in the correct form:

deprive, evidence, legalized, statutory rape, embezzlement, maim , counterfeit, mayhem, mercy, reckless, subservient, forgery, aggravated battery, disfigured, negligence, trafficking, manslaughter,


1. Linked to the Mafia he was also behind _________ currency scams and drug_________.
2. A deputy prime minister, Yulia Timoshenko, is facing criminal charges for tax fraud, smuggling and________. 3. Taylor left the country to escape charge of _________. 4. The waiter had an excessively ___________ manner that made us very uncomfortable. 5. The minister was charged with _____________________ in June. 6. The other three corpses are said to have been so badly ____________ that identification is proving difficult. 7. Landmines still kill or _________ about 300 people every month. 8. Under that provision no state can ___________ any person of life, liberty, or property without due process of law. 9. Frankly, it would have been a __________ killing. 10. PricewaterhouseCoopers is accused of ____________ in managing his affairs. 11. An additional 28 persons were suspected of drunken or ___________ driving. 12. The court decided there was insufficient _________ for a _____________ charge. 13. The consequent revaluations would cause____________, chaos and huge bills for those on the receiving end. 14. Originally charged with__________________, he pleaded guilty to the lesser charge of reckless homicide. 15. In the Netherlands euthanasia has already been________.

5. Insert prepositions where necessary:

1. Most doctors are opposed ____euthanasia ____ethical grounds. 2. They admitted ___ counterfeiting documents. 3. The United Nations estimates that 800 people are killed ____ mines every month, and another 1,200 are maimed. 4. On two separate but very well publicized occasions Errol Flynn was accused _____ statutory rape. 5. Those arrested Wednesday face ____ criminal charges ____ forgery and falsifying business records, both ____ which carry possible jail sentences. 6. Canseco was charged _____ simple battery and was scheduled for a bond hearing Thursday.
7. He was accused ____ causing death ___ reckless driving .8. The suit accuses Sutro _____ negligence and fraud, and seeks _____ unspecified damages. 9. Some doctors carry ___ mercy killings ____ giving large quantities ____ pain-killing drugs. 10. The truly subservient prisoner is respected by no-one, ______ staff or _____ inmates. 11. The judge sentenced Walker ____ five years ____ prison ____ embezzlement of state funds. 12. She was cleared ___ murder but found guilty ___ manslaughter ___ the grounds __ diminished responsibility.


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