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Exercise 11. Make questions to the underlined words or a group of words




1. A man, aged 31, was injured in an auto mobile accident, received multiple lacerations, and fractures of the facial bones.

2. He was first treated in a local hospital, where the wounds of the face were sutured.

3. The doctor saw the patient three days after the injury.

4. The nose was fractured and bent to the left.

5. The mo­lar bone was fractured and displaced.

6. The upper jaw was fractured in at least three distinct places, with pro­nounced backward displacement of the segments.

7. There were numerous cuts on the face and forehead.

8. The patient had lost a considerable amount of blood and was quite pale.

9. Nine days after the injury the patient was operated on under general anesthesia.

10. In a month he was discharged from the hospital.


Exercise 12. Be ready to discuss the main traumatic diseases of the jaws.


1. The result of trauma to the jaws depends … on the severity and partly on the fragility of the bones.

A. Partly

B. Frequently

C. Slowly

D. Rapidly

E. quickly


2. … due to trauma uncomplicated by fracture is generally localized.

A. Stomatitis

B. Pulpitis

C. Periostitis

D. Appendicitis

E. Halitosis


3. The affected part of the … is extremely tender to the touch.


A. Crown

B. Jaw

C. Face

D. Gum

E. Bone



4. Rise of temperature … infection.

A. Indicate

B. Indicated

C. Has indicated

D. To indicate

E. Indicates


5. If there is infec­tion, drainage should ….

A. to establish

B. to be established

C. establish

D. establishes

E. established



6. Treatment is surgical, consisting … evacuation of the fluid content and curettage.

A. On

B. Of

C. –

D. Out

E. From



7. … injuries result in subluxation, some­times dislocation of the mandible may or may not be associated with fracture.

A. Minor

B. Mild

C. Slight

D. Severe

E. Weak


8. Fracture of the face usually involves … bones.

A. One

B. More

C. One or more

D. One or two

E. three


9. The roentgen …will show the amount of displacements.

A. Film

B. Scan

C. Picture

D. X-ray

E. Photo


10. The jaw is … under general anesthesia and im­mobilized by a suitable method of fixation.


A. Induced

B. Reduced

C. Produced

D. Increased

E. Decreased



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