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Read the text and choose the best option (a-d) for each gap.


Following the period of heavy rainfall, water levels have risen dramatically. Mountain rivers have already flooded hundreds of vil­lages and the big rivers of the region (1) the same any minute. The

moment waster level (2)____ above 'danger level', the people from the

areas bordering the rivers (3)____ .

Tonight, an emergency task force set up by five countries of the

region. (4)___ a possible aid plan for the flooded areas. They have been

co-ordinating all the rescue operations: 2,500 rescue teams, including

psychologists, (5)___ by the end of this week. The psychologists (6)_____

the most distressed families to offer counselling and help develop ef­fective stress-coping strategies.

However, the most important things now are food and water. The rescue operation co-ordinator said today: 'Fresh waster (7)_______________ be pro­vided to the flooded areas to prevent water-borne diseases from spread­ing. If we (8)__ people save water and food, we (9)_____________ be facing an epi­demic very soon".

Experts say that the flood (10)_____ prevented after the disaster

that struck this part of Europe in 1997. An anonymous expert said

today: 'The flood (11)___ predicted — it was clear from meteorological

evidence that very heavy and long-lasting rain (12)_____ over central Eu­rope. I think people (13)____________________ warned and it was certainly possible to in-

troduce more protection measures. If this (14)__________ done, we (15)___ at

least some of the tragedy.

1. a may do b) may have done
  c must do d) must have done
2. a rises b) rise
  c will rise d) will be rising
3. a will evacuate b)will have evacuated
  c will be evacuated  
4. a will be discussing b) will have discussed
  c discuss d) have discussed
5. a will be sending b) will have been sent
  c will send  
6. a will be meeting b) will have met
  c will be met d) are meeting
7. a might b) must
  c may d) could
8. a aren't giving b) won't give
  c don't give d) wouldn't give
9. a will b) must
  c have to d) should
10. a could be b) should be
  c could have been  
11. a should have been b) can't have been
  c must have been  
12. a is going to fall b) was going to fall
  c was falling d) will be falling
13. a should have been b) should be
  c may have been d) will be falling
14. b will be b) have been
  c was d) is
15. a would avoid b) would have avoided
  c will avoid  
  Keys: 1 a, 2 b, 3 c, 4a, 5 b, 6 a, 7 b, 8 c, 9 a, 10 c, 11 a, 12 b, 13 a,
14 b, 15 b.



Work in pairs

Discuss these questions.

1. What organizations do you know that provide aid after disasters or work for the environment?

2. What can we do as individuals to improve the environment and help victims of natural disasters?

III. Homework

To write a composition 'What can we do as individuals to improve the environment?'


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