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Christmas around the world



1. Look at the traditional Christmas picture below. What can you see in the picture? Describe the picture. Make a list of things you see.




1. ________________________

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4. ________________________

5. ________________________

6. ________________________

7. ________________________

8. ________________________

9. ________________________



2. What does a traditional Christmas include for you? Does your idea of Christmas include any of these things? Does everyone associate the same things with Christmas? Read and complete the following text

Christmas around the world



3. Answer the questions:

1. When is Christmas celebrated in Great Britain?

2. How does Santa Claus enter houses to give children Christmas presents and where does he put them?

3. Where does the most famous Christmas tree stand in London?

4. Where does Santa Clause live?

5. When is Christmas celebrated in Russia?

6. How does Santa Claus travel?

7. What does Santa Clause look like?

8. What is the traditional Christmas food?

4. Guess riddles:

∑ I can fall but never hurt.

∑ It goes all day and night and never stops.

∑ Itís a white season, when children ski, skate, play snowballs. Itís the season when Santa Clause brings presents.

∑ Itís traditional meal which people cook for Christmas party.


∑ Itís decorated with lights and toys and itís in all houses and in squares.

∑ Itís the dearest thing for children. They can find presents there.

∑ He comes and leave presents for you. Who is he?

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