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Pupils’ presentation.

Culture corner.British Tea Customs.Tea Party.

P1: Catherine of Braganza, a Portuguese princess who married King Charles II, introduced tea to England in early XVII century. The name of Anna, the Duchess of Bedford is connected with the invention of traditional afternoon tea.At that time dinner was not served till 8.30 or 9.00 in the evening and Duchess often became hungry especially in summer when dinner was served even later. She ordered a small meal of bread, butter and other niceties such as cakes, tarts, biscuits to be brought secretly to her bedroom. A new drink, tea, was served to light snacks.

Women were also served tea in the London tea gardens, they were outdoor gardens with flowered walks and music for dancing and they were not public places. One had to pay to get in, the working class was not admitted. Tea parties in small gardens became popular. In old movies high-class and middle-class women would be seen wearing elaborate dresses, matching color hats, white gloves with their little umbrellas, enjoying tea.



P2: English tea-party usually begins from the invitation.


Dear Mrs. Johnson,

With great pleasure I invite you to drink a cup of tea and appreciate my apple pie. Ihave some news about Mrs.Brown’s travelling to India. I shall wait for you at 5 o’clockîn Sunday.


Mrs. White

P3:Originally home tea-party was the place where the women could meet with one another without a male escort. On a certain day, perhaps once a month, the house is made very clean and fresh flowers are put in the rooms. Children are told not to leave their things about, and they are sent to their own rooms.

The guests arrive and soon the sitting-room is full of people, all talking. They talk about their homes, families, friends, clothes, prices at the shops, weddings, royal family,holiday plans, films, TV programs…

Then tea is brought in. But conversation never stops. In fact, tea parties now are serious private social events.




P 4:The afternoon tea is still the most popular tea custom in England. Hotels and restaurants everywhere in England prepare their kettles and cups to welcome waves of people coming to enjoy their afternoon tea rituals.

What are the best places in London to relax and enjoy your tea in a cozy, comfortable and elegant atmosphere?

The Ritz is a must-stop on your visit to London. Tea at the Ritz is a taste of English culture at its finest; you’ll need to book at least 6 weeks ahead because of the popularity of tea service here.

At the Park Lane Hotel you will be welcomed with live music. You will be happy to taste the Devonshire Cream Tea and a variety of miniature sandwiches. Cream tea is fantastic! When you order it you will get a pot of tea some scones some butter and large dish of strawberry jam and thick cream. Once your teacup is full, you cut open your scone, put lots of butter on each half, then add strawberry jam and finish it off with a large portion of cream on top. Evening tea-service is perfect for any pre-theatre venture for the night at this elegant place.



The Dorchester has become famous for its Champagne Tea service, a place to enjoy a glass of sparkling pink champagne as you take in the live piano entertainment nearby.

From luxury hotels to unique little cafes tea time in London is taken as seriously as it was during the centuries of older England. Refined and elegant surroundings are the perfect spot to celebrate an event or simply relax in style; the casual cafes are ideal settings for meeting with friendsor catching a date. Enjoy these top spots for your afternoon tea in London!



(Pupils’ presentation is accompanied by photos and pictures)


7. Feed – back.

- Have you known anything new about tea?

-Would you like to feel yourself an English lady?

-Can you lay the table for a home tea-party?

- Do Ukrainians have the same tradition?


8. Home task.

Write a composition “My Tea-Party in London” (season, dressing, people, menu etc.)


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