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Once upon upon in a dizney far away - say three hundred year
agoal if you like - there lived a sneaky forest some several
dwarts or cretins; all named - Sleezy, Grumpty, Sneezy, Dog,
Smirkey, Alice? Derick - and Wimpey. Anyway they all dug
about in a diamond mind, which was rich beyond compere.
Every day when they came hulme from wirk, they would sing a
song - just like ordinary wirkers - the song went something
like - 'Yo ho! Yo ho! it's off to wirk we go! ' - which is silly
really considerable they were comeing hulme. (Perhaps ther was
slight housework to be do.)
One day howitzer they (Dwarts) arrived home, at aprodestant,
six o'cloth, and who? - who do they find? - but only Snore
Wife, asleep in Grumpty's bed. He didn't seem to mine. 'Sam-
body's been feeding my porrage! ' screams Wimpey, who was '
wearing a light blue pullover. Meanwife in a grand Carstle, not
so mile away, a womand is looging in her daily mirror, shouting,
'Mirror mirror on the wall, whom is de fairy in the land.' which
doesn't even rhyme. 'Cassandle!' answers the mirror. 'Chrish
O'Malley' studders the womand who appears to be a Queen or a
witch or an acorn.
'She's talking to that mirror again farther?' says Misst
Cradock, 'I've just seen her talking to that mirror again.' Father
Cradock turns round slowly from the book he is eating and ex-
plains that it is just a face she is going through and they're all
the same at that age. 'Well I don't like it one tit,' continhughs
Misst Cradock. Father Cradock turns round slowly from the
book he is eating, explaining that she doesn't have to like it,
and promptly sets fire to his elephant. 'Sick to death of this
elephant I am,' he growls, 'sick to death of it eating like an
elephant all over the place.'
Suddenly bark at the Several Dwarts home, Snore Wife has
became a firm favourite, especially with her helping arm,
brushing away the little droppings. 'Good old Snore Wife! ' thee
all sage, 'Good old Snore Wife is our fave rave.' 'And I like you
tooth! ' rejoices Snore Wife, 'I like you all my little dwarts.'
Without warping they hear a soddy voice continuallykhan
shoubing and screeging about apples for sale. 'New apples for
old! ' says the above hearing voice. 'Try these nice apples for
chrissake!' Grumpy turnips quick and answers shooting -
'Why?' and they all look at him.
A few daisy lately the same voice comes hooting aboon the
apples for sale with a rarther more firm aproach saying 'These
apples are definitely for sale.' Snore Wife, who by this time is
curiously aroused, stick her heads through the window. Any-
way she bought one - which didn't help the trade gap at all.
Little diggerydoo that it was parsened with deathly arsenickers.
The woman (who was the wickered Queen in disgust) cackled
away to her carstle in the hills larfing fit to bust.
Anyway the handsome Prince who was really Misst Cra-
dock, found out and promptly ate the Wicked Queen and
smashed up the mirror. After he had done this he journeyed to
the house of the Several Dwarts and began to live with them.
He refused to marry Snore Wife on account of his health, what
with her being poissoned and that, but they came to an agree-
ment much to the disgust of Sleepy - Grumpty - Sneeky -
Dog - Smirkey - Alice? - Derick and Wimpy. The Dwarts
clubbed together and didn't buy a new mirror, but always sang
a happy song. They all livered happily ever aretor until they
died - which somebody of them did naturally enough.

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