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Jesus El Pifco was a foreigner and he knew it. He had imigrate-
ful from his little white slum in Barcelover a good thirsty year
ago having first secured the handy job as coachman in Scotland.
The job was with the Laird of McAnus, a canny old tin whom
have a castle in the Highlads. The first thing Jesus EI Pifco
noticed in early the days was that the Laird didn't seem to have
a coach of any discription or even a coach house you know,
much to his dismable. But - and I use the word lightly - the
Laird did seem to having some horses, each one sporting a fine
pair of legs. Jesus fell in love with them at first sight, as they did
with him, which was lucky, because his quarters were in the
actually stables along side his noble four lepered friends.
Pretty polly one could see Jesus almost every day, grooming
his masters horses, brushing their manebits and hammering their
teeth, whistling a quaint Spanish refrain dreaming of his loved
wombs back home in their little white fascist bastard huts.
'A well pair of groomed horses I must say,' he would remark
to wee Spastic Sporran the flighty chamberlain, whom he'd had
his good eye on eversince Hogmanose.
'Nae sa bad' she would answer in her sliced Aberdeen-martin
accent. 'Ye spend more time wi' yon horses than ye do wi'
me,' with that she would storm back to her duties, carefully
tying her chastity negro hardly to her skim.
Being a good catholic, Jesus wiped the spit from his face and
turned the other cheese - but she had gone leaving him once
small in an agatha of christy.
'One dave she woll go too farther, and I woll leaf her' he said
to his fave rave horse. Of course the horse didn't answer,
because as you know they cannot speak, least of all to a garlic
eating, stinking, little yellow greasy fascist bastard catholic
Spaniard. They soon made it up howevans and Jesus and wee
Spastic were once morphia unitely in a love that knew no suzie.
The only thing that puzzled Jesus was why his sugarboot got so
annoyed when he called her his little Spastic in public. Little
wonder howeapon, with her real name being Patrick, you see?
'Ye musna' call me Spastic whilst ma friends are here Jesus
ma bonnie wee dwarf' she said irragated.
'But I cannot not say Patrick me little tartan bag' he replied
all herb and angie inside. She looked down at him through a
mass of naturally curly warts.
'But Spastic means a kind of cripple in English ma sweet wee
Jesus, and ai'm no cripple as you well known! '
'That's true enough' said he 'but I didn't not realize being a
foreigner and that, and also not knowing your countries culture
and so force, and anywait I can spot a cripple anywhere.'
He rambled on as Patrick knelt down lovingly with tears in
her eye and slowly bit a piece of his bum. Then lifting her face
upwarts, she said with a voice full of emulsion 'Can ye heffer
forgive me Jesus, can ye? ' she slobbed. He looked at her strange-
ly as if she were a strangely, then taking her slowly right foot
he cried; 'Parreesy el pino a strevaro qui bueno el franco
senatro! ' which rugby transplanted means - 'Only if you've
got green braces' - and fortunately she had.
They were married in the fallout, with the Lairds blessing of
course, he also gave them a 'wee gifty' as he put it, which was a
useful addition to their bottom lawyer. It was a special jar of
secret ointment made by generators of his forefingers to help get
rid of Patricks crabs which she had unluckily caught from the
Laird of McAnus himself at his late wifes (Lady McAnus') wake.
They were overjoyced, and grapenut abun and beyond the call
of duty.
'The only little crawlie things we want are babies,' quipped
Jesus who was a sport. 'That's right sweety' answered Patrick
reaching for him with a knowsley hall.
'Guid luck to you and yours' shouted the Laird from the old
'God bless you sir' said Jesus quickly harnessing his wife with
a dexterity that only practice can perfect. 'Come on me beauty'
he whispered as he rode his wife at a steady trot towards the
East Gate. 'We mustn't miss the first race my dear.'
'Not likely' snorted his newly wed wife breaking into a gull-
up. 'Not likely' she repeated.
The honeymood was don short by a telephant from Mrs El
Pifco (his mother) who was apparently leaving Barcelunder to
se her eldest sod febore she died laughing, and besides the air
would do her good she added. Patrick looked up from her
nosebag and giggled.
'Don't joke about Mamma please if you donlang, she are all
I have loft in the world and besides your mother's a bit of a
brockwurst herselves' said Jesus, 'And if she's still alive when
she gets here we can throw up a party for her and then she can
meet all our ugly Scottish friends' he reflected. 'On the other
handle we can always use her as a scarecrab in the top field' said
Patrick practically.
So they packed their suitcrates marked 'his and hearse' and set
off for their employers highly home in the highlies.
'We're home Sir' said Jesus to the wizened tartan figure knelt
crouching over a bag of sheep.
'Why are ye bask so soon?' inquired the Laird, immediately
recognizing his own staff through years of experience. 'I've had
some bad jews from my Mammy - she's coming to seagull me,
if its all ripe with you sir.' The Laird thought for a mumble,
then his face lit up like a boiling wart.
'You're all fired' he smiled and went off whistling.

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